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Quickie Help

I've tried to make this app as easy to use and figure out as I could. If you were lost on how to use the app -- you've come to the right place.


The general information on the app can be found on its market page at my Diet Journal or my Diet Journal Pro.


Have a question? Jump to the FAQ page to see if the answer is there. If not, visit the comments page and see if someone has posted it recently. If you can't find it there either, post your own question or make a suggestion and I'll post a reply.

NEW: We now have a Google+ page to discuss questions, feedback, new ideas -- whatever. Check it out at Google+ my Diet Journal

Stuff you can do

The app starts on the "Choose an Activity" page. Besides the 9 buttons you see, there are more options on the action bar, or for older devices, under the android "Menu" button. If you've found your way here, you've found that menu. Several other pages have these menus as well, holding hidden treasures to those that seek them out. Each button will take you to a new activity that is part of keeping a diet journal. Hopefully the buttons are properly labeled so you can figure them out on your own, but if not, here's the low-down.

Activity Pages

my Diet Journal includes all the following features. Go to each link individually to read all about it.

Choose an Activity
Alarm Notification


1.7.3 Feature Improvements:
  • Free Version Faster start-up (same as Pro Version now). Initial Database access moved to the background.
  • New preference to disable auto-alert page. Some folk didn't want to jump to setting the alert after entering their meal.
Bug Fixes:
  • Journal time display was messed up -- 12 hour/24 hour times just didn't display right. Should be good now
  • Comma now fully supported as whole number/decimal separator, based on your language of choice.
  • Later versions of android somehow made the journal colors unreadable. Colors adjusted to be visible on all devices and versions (hopefully)
1.7.2 Entirely NEW (sort of):
  • Pro version Same great app, without the ads -- a Pro version of my Diet Journal is now available. The only additional feature in the pro version (besides no ads) is the ability to receive a shared database. This feature is important for porting your database from the free version to the Pro version.
Bug Fixes:
  • Somehow, the widget grew from its originally defined 1x2 size to 2x3. This bug would only effect anyone trying to place the widget on a launch screen. If you already had the widget there from a past install, it would continue to work fine. The widget has once again been defined to be 1x2.
1.7.1 Feature Improvements:
  • Minor changes to the display layout so it is more consistent between devices and versions of Android
Bug Fixes:
  • On some systems, the entry fields were black on black, making text entry difficult. All entry fields now simply black on white.
1.7 Feature Improvements:
  • New Diary feature will auto-capitalize sentences. Sorry I missed that the first time around.
New Features:
  • One button shopping list. From the inventory, set up minimum values for items in your inventory. Once set up, press the "Shopping List" button to show only those items where your current holdings are less than your desired minimum.
Bug Fixes:
  • Various minor bug fixes
1.6 Feature Improvements:
  • Jellybean look and feel. Brought the user interface up to date. On older devices it won't look much different, but on newer devices you should see a more modern look as well as having access to the newer date and time setting.
  • Through the updated preference screen you can now set the snooze button duration -- from one to 10 minutes.
New Features:
  • A new section has been created for general notes, called "Diary." Record anything here that doesn't fit on other pages.
Bug Fixes:
  • Various minor bug fixes
1.5 Feature Improvements:
  • New permission needed: "automatically start at boot." This is used only to reset the meal reminder alarm. In past versions rebooting your device would lose the notification. Now a reboot does not impact the alarm.
  • Rotating between portrait and landscape used to "reset" the fields. Now any entries persist during device rotation and through what used to annoy me: The alarm going off while I was in the middle of entering a meal.
  • Help on app use now available through the menu on each page
New Features:
  • The app now has a simple widget that shows the alarm time of the next meal. You no longer have to start the app up to see when your next meal is -- just glance at the widget. Pressing the widget launches the app, just as the standard icon does.
  • Most asked question: "How do I enter stuff?" Now the app comes with pop-up help when you first launch it to help the new user figure out how to use the app.
    • These pop-up help items can be disabled after viewing them once.
    • Each functions pop-up help can be re-enabled through the menu -> help.
    • All help can be restored via the menu -> preferences -> menu -> reset tips
  • Scan bar codes on items to automatically increment inventory items
    • If you do not currently have a bar code app installed, you will be directed to the market to download one
    • First time you scan a bar code you must assign it to an inventory item and provide the quantity of items associated with that bar code
    • Known bar codes will show you how many you currently have of that item, how many you are adding, and the total, with an option to save this update, or fix your bar code
Bug Fixes:
  • Various minor bug fixes
1.4 Feature Improvements:
  • Share Database now does a database backup first, then shares that backup.
New Features:
  • Import Database. You no longer have to place the myDietJournal.db file in the myDietJournalBackup directory to import a database shared from another device. Simply choose "Import Database" and whatever app you have (Astro?) will be launched so you can navigate to the proper shared database file. This makes upgrading your phone and bringing your database from the old phone to the new one much easier.
Bug Fixes:
  • If you were in the Inventory when the "time to eat" alarm went off, you were able to add the meal and set a new alarm, but backing back out to the inventory page of the app would cause it to Force Close. This bug is fixed.
1.3 Feature Improvements:
  • Cancel alarm event now has an extra "5 Minute Snooze" button so you don't have to fiddle with your day's timeline.
New Features:
  • You can now share either a week's or month's worth of journal pages at a time (most requested feature).
Bug Fixes:
  • Finally squished the bug that kept the alarm from ringing sometimes when you snoozed.
1.2 Feature Improvements:
  • Pressing the delete button in any activity will now prompt you for a confirmation before deleting any data.
New Features:
  • View everything entered for the day on one "Journal Entry" page.
  • Share your Journal Entry Pages with whomever you choose.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed yet another place where entering an apostrophe in a data field caused problems. Feel free to use ' wherever you want now.
1.1 Feature Improvements:
  • Graphing works better -- graph uses most of the plot area and is better centered.
  • Graphs extend to your goals, showing your progress toward those goals.
  • There is now a "1 Month" checkbox to graph only the most recent month's worth of data -- to really see how you've been doing lately.
  • Preference values are entered via pop-up lists rather than requiring you to type them in.
  • Meal time planning allows you to pick each of your future meal times and makes sure each fits within your min/max hour constraints.
  • Alarm time now shows bright red on the Alerts page so you can tell the difference between the alarm value and the alarm time chooser.
New Features:
  • Sharing your graphs.
  • "Share" your database (for backup purposes).
  • FAQ/Help page link
Bug Fixes:
  • Database/cursors were not always properly closed, which could cause database corruption.
1.0.1 Bug Fix. Entering in apostrophes (') in some fields would make the app Force Close
1.0 Initial Release

Comments and Suggestions

If you have a bug to report, a suggested improvement, or just want to say, "Thanks for the great app!" Visit the comments page.