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This is the home of the Johnston Collection.  Our 30+ year journey in the realm of Volkswagen and other related interests.  This site shows past, current and future VW happenings in our lives.  We hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping by.

'66 "Coke Bug"
Found on Craigslist just 6.7 miles from our house.  We acquired this Ruby Red 1966 for a song.  The previous owner pulled out the engine because squirrels had built a nest on top, filling the fan shroud with nuts. After a little cleanup and reassembly we got it running.

'63 "Hoodride"
This Hoodride VW has been in the family since 1984. The stories this car could tell....  Greything (a.k.a. Primer) has had a lot of mods over the years.  It has its own special place in our hearts.

'79 EPRI-TVA "Original Electric Bus"
Yes, that's right, electric! From the depths of no where, we acquired this original 1979 VW Bus, special built for TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) EPRI Electric Bus.  Not just an EV... an EVVW !.

'57 Oval "The Oval Chronicles"

We purchased this '57 about 20 years ago. We are a little ashamed to say that It has been sitting in the same spot since we brought it home.  Slowly decaying to nothingness.  Time for action.  We have finally started the restoration after all these years.  This is our first full restoration attempt so we though we would start with the oldest and worst of we have.

'65 Ghia Vert "A Little Touch Of Class"

One of the few true convertibles in the yard. Purchased from a very good friend, this '65 always gets lots of attention at shows. It runs good and is fun to drive!

'62 Bug "Bones"
If you love the smell of ancient vinyl, 6V battery acid and crunchy "mohair", Bones will not let you down. Riding down the road, rattling like a galvanized bucket of dusty bones, this bug has a character all it's own. With dim lights, slow wipers and 40 very tired horses, there is still enough life in the old guy to move around.

'59 Single Wheel Trailer "Allstate"
As kids working on the farm, we saw it in the woods (buried under dirt, leaves, and decaying tree limbs) this strange metal frame, with a tire and a spring connected to it. Some 35 years later, we remembered it was there and decided to dig it up, bring it to the shed, and investigate what it was. Thanks to http://www.singlewheel.com and all the site's contributors, we were able to identify roughly what it was and get ideas on what to do with it. Here it is based on the Sears Allstate Model #231-508 with a few minor changes (like the trailer stabilizing legs, homemade bumper brackets and hinged tailgate).  It's easy to pull, though you can't see it behind the car, and gets a lot of attention at shows.

'64 Tin Body "Battery Vert"
Based on a vintage 1979 Tamiya "Sand Scorcher" RC car, here is an experiment using the metal from old 9V batteries and other discarded metal.

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