Welcome to MyCinema Project Home Page

MyCinema Project is a simple program, KISS approach, writed in QT4/C++, with the main goal to provide a simple, intuitive and fast interface to create your own movie collection.
This program is intended to be multiplatform: it compiles without any problem on Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOSX, OS/2 like OS (haiku, eComstation....)

Main functions are (or intended to be) :
  • Insert, add, edit and remove movies from your collection.
  • Retrieve movies informations and posters through different online website databases (TMDB.org, Filmup, etc...)
  • One click "search & store" function to automatically retrieve movies informations and update hundred movies into your local db.
  • Import and Export functions to insert hundred movies into db and export your movie collection
  • Local and online search.

Project Objectives

Main objective of this simple application, is to provide a fast and simple program, with a clean and highly readable code, that let the user does everything in an intuitive way with only few clicks.
For example, to reach this goal, is defined a convenient "Scraper Interface", that let you to create and insert many movie-website scrapers in a transparent way, to simply extend program potentialities.