The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to the History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture (2008), by Fr. John Anthony McGuckin. A new and challenging introduction to the history, theology, and praxis of Eastern Christian communities. 


The Living Body of Christ: What We Mean When We Speak of 'Church' (2008)by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom. "Our vocation is - and the vocation of the Church is - to be an icon of the Holy Trinity. The only real way in which the Church can be formed so as to fulfil its vocation is by expressing in all its being these relationships within the Holy Trinity: relationships of love, relationships of freedom, relationships of holiness.'  

The Inner Kingdom (2000), by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. The 1st volumes of the Collected Works opens with the authors journey to Orthodoxy, then covers fundamental issues of Christology, spirituality, ascetic life, personal vocation, and other important areas. 





Living Prayer (1997),by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom. Written by a former French Resistance fighter and a medical doctor, then a Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in Britain. The book is considered a classic of Orthodox spirituality. 

The Orthodox Way (1995), 
by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. A general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Christians.