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6 St Euphrosynia

St Euphrosynia

St. Euphrosynia, or Euphrosyne, of Polotsk (or Polatsk, Połack) (Bel. Еўфрасіння Полацкая; 1110–1173) - saint of the Orthodox Church. She is one of the 15 patron saints of Belarus. 
Born Predslava, the granddaughter of a prince of Polotsk, Vseslav, and daughter of Prince Svyatoslav of Polotsk, she became a nun with the name Euphrosyne and later was put in charge of a monastery in Polotsk, which became known for its spiritual life, ecclesiastical crafts, and support of the poor. 

The famous cross of st. Euphorosynia (on the right) - the Belarusian national symbol.