Social location check-in without the games, badges, or marketing.  Available on the Android Market.

What is the My CheckIn app?

My CheckIn was designed as a social, location check-in application that allows you to post location check-ins directly to your twitter feed.  It does not work with any check-in services or sites such as Foursquare or Gowalla.  While these sites provide a similar function, they are also based on marketing and silly games.  With the My CheckIn app, there are no games.  Just you announcing your location to your friends and followers on Twitter.

How does My CheckIn app work?

The app was created to be very easy and quick to use, so that you don't have to take too much time to generate your check-in tweet.  Start the app and it simply finds your location based on the phone's GPS or tower location.  From there it searches for nearby places from both Yelp and  CitySearchservices and displays the list. 

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