Useful Links

This section contains some links to tools I use to play the game. It's basic things, like skill planners, charts and so on.

NOTE: None of these content was made by me. I'm merely indicating some very great work made by some great people and that I think those who wants to play the game seriously should see. Also, much of these work was started before the game went F2P, and the original authors may not have updated it.

Game Guides

Most game guides are available as posts on the game forum. Some players have made some very good tutorials that teach some aspects of the game. I'll highlight some of then:

  • Spending Skillpoints Wisely, by KazumaKat. Excellent tutorial that teaches how to expend your skill point's. And believe me. It makes all the difference.
  • Insights into the STO game mechanic that should be assembled together, by MustrumRidcully: It's more a FAQ, but that may clarify a lot of questions. What is shield resistance, what power level's affects and so on. Also, contain's links to other posts that sometimes clarify better the subject.
  • Keybinds for Dummies, by tranceaddict: This is fundamental to play. Basically, teaches how to assign multiple abbilities to a single key on the keyboard. So, if you want to press twice to active your torpedo salvo and fire it, you can. This is only a simple example. You can do much more. And it is a life saver on PvP.
  • The Foundry Walktrough: The official walktrough to learn how to use the foundry. For those who don't know, the foundry is the tool that allows you to develop your own missions and release it to other players play them.
  • Tribble Breeding: Tribbles are litlle creatures that when you pet them, give you some buffs (damage resistance, etc.). There are several types of them on STO, and most is obtainable only by breeding them. This guide shows how to breed them.
You may also check the subforum The Academy. For new players, it's a must see. You can learn a lot there. And is the place to make questions also.


STO is a game that have a lot of numbers to control. You have to optimize how spend your skill points, how to distribute power across ship shields and so on. So, to you get the most out of your char and your hip, it's good to have some apps that calculate you final status, allowing you to easily make several modifications and see how good these modifications will be without really modificating it on the game.

  • Star Trek Online Academy: It has an excelent skill point calculator which allows you select ships, abilities you and your BO has and highlight the skills that affect it. The planner has also the abilitie to save your build. Also, the site has several other features that are worth taking a look.
  • STO Starship DPS Calculator by Nagorak: The name pretty much says what it is. It's a program to calculate how much DPS a given build will have. Has several features, as consider the DPS at different ranges, diffrent sides of your  ship, skills that affect your DPS etc.
  • Ship Power Level Calculator by PatricianVetinari: It calculates the final energy level if you set a given preset, considering what skills you have, and items modifiers.

Charts & Tables

  • STO Graphical Ship Chart by SpiderMitch: It's a nice chart with all the ships available, both in-game as well on the C-Store. It lists all the stats on the ships, minimum rank etc. for both factions (actually, it's two charts. One for each faction).
  • Trophies - A Visual catalogue by Direphoenix: A list with the trophies you may put on the interior of your ship for completing various accolades.
  • Tribble Breeding Chart: If you already know the basic of breeding tribbles, this chart will be useful.


  • DOffJobs spreadsheet: The Duty Officer for those interested on playing with the Duty Officer system, this is a collective effort to keep track of the availabity of  chain's steps and the most rewarding missions. They offer some very usefull tools for your personal use on keeping track on the progress of chain steps, very-rare Duty Officers that you may have and so on. It is worth checking.
  • Star Trek Online Wiki: The most famous wiki maintaned by the comunity. A lot of useful information may be found there.
  • Stardate calculator: all stardates that I entry on the log's are calculated with this calculator. I entry a date on our callendar and it returns the stardate. But it also does the opposite. So if you want to wonder when a given log were entried by Capitain Wilhelm, just type the stardate on this calculator (Note: I always truncates or aproximates the stardate, so it has no more than 2 digits after the point. This gives a precision of about 5 minutes on the time entry).
  • Tips for taking screenshots: It is a forum post with some tips to take nice screenshots.
  • Recording gameplay demos: STO has a feature that allows you to record whatever you are doing on the moment of the recording. Later you can replay it changing camera positions etc. You can make video clips, find the best angle for a screenshot or try to understand your mistake on a STF, for example.