It’s All in the Details

The details make the product.  It will in the end be these details that give the product its life. Charles Eames

A Sesame Street Birthday

Mason's 1st birthday was a very special day for me.  So, of course, the cake had to be as well.   I wanted the Sesame Street characters to look as if they walked right out of the t.v. screen and joined the party.  Each one is hand-crafted out of candy-like material.  Also constructed out of this material were the birthday banner, blanket, name plate, and itty bitty birthday cake.  Everything was edible!  



Cake for a Sports Fanatic

Love sports?  Then here's a cake for you.  You might be wondering where's the cake.  Both the basketball and the NFL football are cakes.  The golf balls are made of white chocolate.  Even the golf tees and checkered flag are edible.  They're made of marshmallow.  Of course these aren't all the sports on earth, but I can customize it to your liking.  







Under the Sea

Every little girl loves The Little Mermaid, Ariel.  To capture the magical world under the sea I used an assortment of bright colors.  With sea weed and coral made of sugar and jelly beans for pebbles, this cake comes alive.  The birthday girl kept Ariel and her sisters as a little memento.