Groom's Cakes

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"I think what makes our marriage work amid all the glare is that my husband is my best friend.  He inspires everything in my life and enables me to do the best that I can. ."  FAITH HILL
Many couples are designing groom's cakes baked and iced to reflect the groom's hobbies or interests. Original and engaging, grooms cakes have resembled the groom's antique car or cowboy boots, while others in traditional cake shapes have sported hunting scenes or his favorite hole on the golf course.  These cakes reveal one groom's love for sports and another's love of poker.

The groom's cake may be served in the reception.  Some couples prefer to offer the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner, a fitting time since the groom's family hosts the occasion.
Whatever time or theme you choose for the groom's cake, it is a charming tradition that adds a distinctive, personal touch to your wedding festivities while honoring the man you love.