Chapter 12: Reflections
Just today, January 5th 2017, the news came out with a report of a study that showed that there is an increased incidence of Alzheimer's for individuals who live close to heavy traffic. And of course they jump to the conclusion that it has to do with the pollution caused by the vehicles. There was no relation to 
This study is almost identical to others that show that there is an increased incidence of autism and learning disabilities for individuals who live close to traffic and pollution.
Unfortunate these researchers hadn't seen my conclusion that it was the noise that caused the individuals to bury their heads under their covers, and that it was this rebreathing that resulted in the higher incidence of these outcomes.
Let me move you to another reflection: There have been experiments/studies with the use of oxygen to heal dementia/AD. It has shown some success. So when I suggest a mechanical ventilator for those sleeping under the covers, I believe this would be successful.
BUT here is the important conclusion: Are we not looking directly at the cause of dementia/AD. That a deficiency of O2 over a long period of time, will slowly harm nerve cells resulting in dementia/AD. Th cause of these, dementia/AD is always stated as unknown. I believe we have enough information NOW, to state that it is a prolonged deficiency of O2. Most important, if everyone knew this, they would adjust their behaviour so as to avaiod these outcomes. The most important cure to dementia/AD, is not some drug (where most of the millions are now being spent), but education the public on how to avoid it. This is the most important cure, and it is the least costly. But it may not every happen, because there is no money to be made by it.
Possible new areas for research that I would be interested in reading: 
  1. If someone with a learning disability and who practiced some level of sleeping while their heads were under the covers, were to discontinue the practice, would their performance improve? I believe so.
  2. If someone with dementia were to stop the practice of sleeping with their heads under the covers, would their condition improve. I believe it would at least slow down the progress of the disease.
  3. Is there a link between mothers who have slept with their heads under the covers, and the incidence of learning disabilities, etc. I believe so.
  4. Is there a causal link between sleeping with breathing under the covers, and the incidence of homosexuality? Here is where I think many will believe I an overreaching, but hey, at least I have come up with a plausible (in my view) cause of homosexuality.
  5. Can a mechanical ventilator be effective in addressing the harm done by sleeping with the airways under the covers.