C13: Homosexuality

Chapter 13: Homosexuality

I had previously written about the possibility that homosexual orientation may also be caused by accidental depleted rebreathing occurring shortly after birth. However, I'm starting to believe that this is more than just a possibility. Depleted rebreathing occurs when an infant repeatedly breathes their own exhaled air because they are breathing into a soft toy or bedding which restricts the inflow of new fresh air. As this proceeds, the oxygen is depleted and carbon dioxide increases to the point that neurological damage can occur. If this continues for too long, a SIDS death may occur.

Sexual orientation has not been the purpose of my writing but I include this suggestion here because it is a possibility worth considering. The number of homosexual males compared to women is about 2 to 1 so I'm lead to believe, the same statistic as the male factor (a common statistic experienced by SIDS and many learning disabilities, including autism), suggesting that the cause of homosexuality is related to the cause of SIDS and many learning disorders.  Like the others, it is related to how the brain has developed, like the others the cause is unknown, and like the others, it is considered to originate at or near birth. I believe homosexuality has no known genetic causes as of yet discovered and it is not considered a learned behaviour as some religions might want to believe. 

One of the suggestions for avoiding a SIDS death or learning disability is to encourage thumb sucking and pacifier use, as these protect against their occurrence. It would be tragically ironic if parents were discouraging thumb sucking or pacifier use on the assumption that they were reducing the possibility of their child being gay, while in fact, they were actually increasing that possibility.

However, a new study is surfacing to support my claim, while I don't support their cause for homosexuality.
There is a factor called the "fraternal birth order effect" which notices that many homosexual men have older brothers, and the more older brothers a boy has, the higher the chance that they will be a homosexual man. It has been suggested that a previous birth will create antibodies that somehow (quite a mystery) change the DNA of subsequent boy babies. I'm not buying it.
It doesn't answer how a firstborn can be homosexual.
It doesn't answer how women can be born homosexual.
It doesn't answer how infants can be transgender or bi.

My argument that the number of older siblings increases the chance of accidental depleted rebreathing can be read in Chapter 6 under the heading Illness. Here it states "A number of studies have shown that there is an increase in SIDS for the second, third, fourth, and so on, child in a family. This factor may be called "birth order effect." So the suggestion here is that the cause of sexual identity is the same as the cause of SIDS, and other disorders which originate at birth.

But what about genetics? Is homosexuality caused by genetics? Again many turn to twin studies to squeeze out an answer. Studies show that if one identical twin is homosexual, there is about a 65% chance that the other identical twins will also be homosexual. For fraternal twins the percentage drops to about 30%. Medical professionals point to the 65% for identical twins (having the identical DNA) that it indicates that sexual identity is mostly genetic. Religious groups argue that since it isn't 100%, sexual identity is one of choice. If you read my short Chapter 16 on The Twins Misdirection, you'll understand how I claim that homosexuality is the result of complications at birth, since 75% of identical twins share the same placenta, and in so doing share a very vulnerable beginning that can result in complications before birth. These complications certainly reduce the genetic argument. It's not totally genetics, and it's not free will choice either, but an accidental complication before birth, during, and shortly thereafter, that results in this outcome.
I have no agenda here, only to put forth a plausible answer as to how a variety of sexual identities occurs. It's accidental.

Please let me know whether this information was useful to you. Thanks.