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I want to be right up front with you from the start. I have no product to sell. I do not want to make any money from  my writing or my research. What is important to me is getting my research and theories out to as many people as possible. I won't even add any advertising to the site.

So, please share this link with others.

This looks like a blog, but for the most part is an edit of my books that are still available.

Do not buy my book Rebreathing  (AuthorHouse, 2009). Everything that is in it is here free. This writing suggested that there is a central dominant cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and that this cause is also the cause of many learning disabilities, including ADHD and Autism and other disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Subsequent to publishing my book Rebreathing, I undertook my own research which supported the theories that I put forth in that book, but that research also established a link between rebreathing and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no need to buy and download my subsequent book which is available on Kindle, The Relationship between SIDS, Learning Disabilities, Autism, and Alzheimer's Disease. 

It all here free, and updated as any new information comes to light.

All that I ask of you is that you quote my work so that as many readers can come and make up their minds as to the validity of my research, theories and statements.

In all likelihood you won't agree with all of my theories. You might agree with some and find others downright challenging, or as some might call "overreaching". That's okay, but please comment about it. Don't be silent. That's not an option.  

For an example, in my first writing, I was the only one at that time suggesting that swaddling a baby can cause SIDS and I explained how that could be the case. Yet, websites can still be found online that suggest swaddling as a practice to avoid SIDS. Totally wrong. Just this last year other medical researchers have come to the conclusion that swaddling can cause SIDS. Did they learn that from me, I'll never know; but I'm satisfied that we are moving in the right direction. I got that one right, but are any of my other theories valid. You decide.

Like, it has been known that there is a higher risk of suffering dementia for those that have learning disabilities. Have I discovered the link? I believe I have. Again, you decide.

Let me make a bold statement: I have discovered the cause of SIDS, learning disabilities, including Autism, and dementia/Alzheimer's Disease. Pretty bold, but if you disagree with me, speak up and say why. But if you agree with me, help me get the information out to those who need it and can use it. My thanks to you.

The chapters are listed on the left pane, so you can skip to whatever is of most interesting to you. 

I'll add videos to some of the chapters, to make it even easier to get through this information.

Barry Stanley

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