What is the most important outcome of my theories and research on rebreathing? 

Perhaps the most important is that about 13% of all cases of Alzheimer's disease have been caused by individuals sleeping with their head under the cover. Briefly, this behaviour results in the rebreathing of air in the microenvironment under the covers. In this environment the oxygen gets depleted, and the hypoxia (lack of sufficient oxygen) results in brain damage to the individual in the form of Alzheimer's. More about that in Chapter 10, which you can jump to here.

The following chapters explain what rebreathing is and how it is related to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), learning disabilities, autism, and Alzheimer's disease. Some of this is explained as my theories, while parts have been backed up by research.

You can jump to the research on Learning Disabilities and Autism here.
You can jump to my research on MS here.

For an example, in my first writing, I was the only one at that time suggesting that swaddling a baby can cause SIDS and I explained how that could be the case. Yet, websites can still be found online that suggest swaddling as a practice to avoid SIDS. Totally wrong. Just this last year some medical researchers have come to the conclusion that swaddling can cause SIDS. Did they learn that from me, I'll never know; but I'm satisfied that we are moving in the right direction. I got that one right, but are any of my other theories valid. You decide.

Like, it has been known that there is a higher risk of suffering dementia for those that have learning disabilities. Have I discovered the link? I believe I have. Again, you decide.

Let me make a bold statement: I have discovered what I believe to be the primary cause of SIDS, learning disabilities (including Autism), and dementia/Alzheimer's Disease. Pretty bold, but if you disagree with me, speak up and say why. But if you agree with me, help me get the information out to those who need it and can use it. My thanks to you.

In all likelihood, you won't agree with all of my theories. You might agree with some and find others downright challenging, or as some might call "overreaching". That's okay, but please comment about it. Don't be silent. 

The chapters are listed on the left pane, so you can skip to whatever is of most interesting to you. If you are reading on a phone, you may have to hit the folder icon to open the navigation pane.

Barry Stanley

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