C19: Coma

Here's another far out suggestion for those who suffer a coma from an impact trauma.

It is my opinion, when the brain suffers a severe impact, that impact causes some of the axons to separate from the dendrites of other atoms. It is these connection of axons to dendrites that enables thoughts to occur and their separation results in the individual suffering a coma.

How to get the axons to reconnect. 

It is my opinion that one of the procedures that can be used to reestablish these connections is to use wave dynamics. This would use various vibrations which would slowly cause to axons to reconnect. Their might be certain vibrations that are needed to cause these axons to swing back to their attachment position, and attach. But we don't know which vibrations are requires, and from which direction. Therefore using a variety of vibrations may lead to a reconnection, just by chance.

Rather than vibrating the head with some device, what I would suggest is the use of sound. And to do that some types of music would be more successful that others. Would it be classical music, or hard rock. Don't know, but simple putting a good set of headphone of the subject, and rotating through various genres, may do the trick.

To me music is important as well. The brain is a learning organ, and new riffs, may cause the brain to learn those riffs, which may lead to that axons creating new paths, which may lead to consciousness. 

Of course, there are other issues that doctors must address, such as bleeding and swelling. But after all else has been done, give music a try. The worse that could happen is the patient hears some good music.

In any case, should I suffer a coma due to an impact injury, please put a set of good headphones on me, and play music from The Eagles, The Beatles, and most of the works of George Winston, but mostly the Eagles. Thanks

Barry Stanley (2017)