My Bikini Belly System By Shawna Kaminski - Our Full Review

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After all these years the diet programs are not working with me
anymore to reduce my belly fat. Discussing this situation with
my friends I came to know that regular exercises do not work For
Women Over 35.

It Only makes the belly more Fatter because a condition
commonly known as “Menopause Belly” which means every
woman carries the “Menopause gene” in her DNA. The only
program that talked about this condition in the market is named :
" My Bikini Belly" by Shawna Kaminski.

Shawna Kaminski, is a Canadian citizen in her late forties,
currently owns NW Fit Body Boot Camp in Calgary, Alberta. As an
athlete, who has had many athletic accomplishments in areas such
as swimming, bodybuilding, and freestyle skiing, helped
thousands of women get the body they want at an age that used
to be considered hard to do so, using her breakthrough "My Bikini
Belly" system .

I thought my days of ever having a desirable flat and firm belly
are behind me. I read her book and I was shocked and pleasantly
surprised for the information that I have found in this great "My
Bikini Belly" system .

"My Bikini Belly" system will activate three systems: Turning off
your menopause molecules, Turning on your fat-burning
hormones, Turning up your metabolism and after the third
workout, all the components will be working together to burn fat
faster and consistently.

Dear friends, I was fed up finding a solution to my belly fat and I
am not willing to buy any programs anymore but the information
that I found in " My Bikini Belly" system encouraged me to dig
deep in it to know exactly if it is the system that fit for my age.
My research led me to these facts:

All woman at any age can use this program to burn off fat after
just three workouts and get your metabolism and fat-burning
power back If you have hormonal imbalances. If you have hurt
your metabolism through diet, exercise, or lifestyle this program
will get things back on track. What is amazing is that no need for
intense workouts or special equipments to do it or calories
restriction during the workouts. Special hormones which is
responsible for the youthful look are released during this system

Feeling eager to Discover The Secret To Switching OFF my
“Menopause Molecules” pushed me to order my copy and I
FINALLY found The Answer that I have Been Looking For, a Firm
Belly, Fast And Lasting Results.

This amazing product is easy to download as soon as I paid the
price ( I could not believe such great product can be sold at only
$15). Also I could not believe that such guarantee to get a refund
if I follow the book's instructions and I don't lose belly fat within
60 days.

I Reserved my Copy of My Bikini Belly And Got Instant Access To
The Entire Belly Slimming System which includes the following parts:

Bikini Belly Flush
Bikini Belly Burn
Bikini Belly Blast

Good sides of this product:

You can't find it anywhere online with a special pre-Sale price of

You get an immediate download with a click as soon as you order
your copy

You buy a product that is written by an expert in dealing with
your belly fat problem

You don't have to go to the gym
You don't have to deprive yourself  from special food to get fast
and lasting results.

The Bikini Belly comes with TRIPLE GUARANTEE as well as Risk-
free: 60-Money-Back-Guarantee you get your money back ( a
refund ) within 60 days which means you have the chance to try
The Bikini Belly within this period and make sure it is good for
you or not.


First Guarantee:

Any Women At ANY Age At ANY health Level Can do it and get a
flat and firm belly with this system. This is the guarantee that
Shawna Kaminski gives after 25 years of working with women just
like you and every time all women are starting from very
different places.

Second guarantee :
When you start your Bikini Belly journey you’ll quickly begin to
visibly see your belly shrinking Fast And Lasting week to week
and get rid the unwanted fat on your belly forever.

Third Guarantee:
When you join the Bikini Belly Family Shawna Kaminski will give
you the Best Customer Service and you will never be alone.
Shawna Kaminski will always be by your side and ready to
answer any and all questions that you might have and help you
overcome any challenges you may face along the way.

Bad sides of this product:

There is no hard copy for this product sold in the local market.

You need a computer, internet and a printer to print the pdf.

It is no use for men to buy this product.

If you ask for a refund you have to wait about two days to get it.

Does it work?

Shawna explains in her system that the conventional methods of
working out can actually be very stressful on your body, ruin
your metabolism, and hurt your thyroid. Any woman over 35
already know that a healthy thyroid and metabolism are essential
to keeping her energy high and the weight off. In fact, if those
two elements are not working in a good and healthy way, it is
very easy to pack on the pounds no matter what you do. This is
why working out like you did in your early twenties is no longer

"My Bikini Belly" is a program that every woman need to check
out if she wants to lose the belly fat and gain her energy back.
"My Bikini Belly" is a new approach to a healthy life that helps to
re-balance your body and burn off fat and keep it off as long as
you live.

The "My Bikini Belly" workout program requires no special

The "My Bikini Belly" system requires very short time and some
commitment to get its promised benefits.

Every woman should be able to experience the benefits of this program and because of that it is definitely worth it.

My Bikini Belly System review