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I bought my egg almost 2 weeks ago, and haven't used my kitchen since. Honestly.

My first goal was to build a proper home for the egg, and get it out of the manufacturers metal nest. I browsed a few plans over the internet, and finally decided to go my own route and draw up a set of plans in Sketchup. If you're not familiar with sketchup, it's a free CAD program from Google.

The plans only took a few hours to come up with and over the labor day holiday I was able to build her with just a skill saw, jig saw, router and a cooler of beer.

You can see I don't have much space to work with, so don't be afraid to try and build one if you don't have a full blown workshop...I sure didn't!

Just two sawhorses and a few frosty beverages is all you really need.

The plans are heavily based on The Naked Whiz's ceramic grill pages, but I changed a few dimensions to better suit my needs.

It is still a work in progress, and I have many additions I plan on adding. But right now I'm just too busy eating!

I plan on mounting some bottle openers, utensil holders and I'm working on plans for a fold-out table for two on the end so all I'll have to do is pull up a chair and eat right on the spot. Plans for a light post and a beach umbrella are also in the works, but I better stop there before the dang thing ends up with a flat screen and surround sound!

 Here's a few of the drawings I made:

(click any pic on this page to enlarge)

All the drawings  in the plan can be found on the NEXT PAGE.

If you want to build your own table, the PDF files of the complete plans can be downloaded below:



Also, the entire sketchup model can be downloaded from my 3-D warehouse HERE.

Here's a first attempt at country style (shoulder) ribs: (cooked @ 300 for 2hrs finished with a HOT searing)

Yes, I didn't do it slow-n-low, and I know the experts will tell me ALL my problems, but just to be able to set a charcoal grill to an exact temp and hold it for multiple hours was a BIG GREEN accomplishment for me.

These guys turned out super moist, glazed on the outside, and so soft I had trouble picking them up with tongs without falling apart. SERIOUSLY... they fell apart like FISH. I lost a couple to the flames of  hades when I tried to pick 'em up.

Here's a pic of HADES itself:  Now that's HOT!!!!

When  I first opened the grill after 2hrs, I got a smoke plume that would've made  Einsteins first A-bomb jealous! Unfortunately, I couldn't catch the heat of the battle with my camera, so here's a whispy hickory trail escaping from the unopened egg:

And... the finished product:

Notice the perfect single flame... I couldn't have shot that better if I was sober! All I have to say is this grill held a perfect 300 degrees for 2+ hours, then when I ramped her up, she was breaking 600+ for the final bronzing. I am by no way a chef, but geez, this thing sure makes me look like one!

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