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From Omaha Nebraska, Jeremy’s family heard about My Beloved Ministries and the miracles taking place in the lives of people through the ministry.  They arrived at the ministries front door, tired, weary from the road and full of needs.  Carried on the nearly flat, thread worn tires of a haggard well-used Ford station wagon, we gladly, with open arms welcomed them in.  Jeremy’s family explained, pregnant a young mother and her husband leave Omaha with five beautiful children, on faith alone and the story they heard about a “crippled woman” willing to help without judgment.   


Jeremy’s family had only the clothes they wore, no food or money.  On the journey to Denver on a gas station floor Jeremy’s sixth child was born, arriving in Denver now numbering eight and having been denied services from nearly all they encountered, Rev Susan without hesitation offers the love of Jesus Christ. 


Since 1983 the mission of this Ministry is to help families set priorities in order and to meet the needs of their own lives.  Jeremy’s family represents one of thousands of lives blessed by what Jesus’ message has done through My Beloved Ministries Staff and Rev. Susan. 



 My Beloved Ministries has offered support, hope and encouragement to break the cycle of poverty through gainful employment and assistance with food, clothing and shelter.  

Our families can use gently used or new household 
items, food, clothing, computers  and anything a family can use to get back on track.  Please, keep in mind God doesn't make trash and we don't accept it either.  We give the best to those we serve as God gave only the best for us through his Son.  

Veterans are going overseas and coming home to devastation in their homes and families. It is essential for the survival of the Vets and their families to have access to more than "Welcome Home".

You walk to your garage and see your old car in it, and then suddenly you think to yourself, this car has been there for quite some time.  Why do I even keep this thing around?  You try to sell it and it doesn’t sell, well maybe I can just give it away, you think to yourself.  There are quite a number of ways you can get rid of that car. So let us give you one way that would be simple and would actually benefit you.


Why not just donate your car to My Beloved Ministries?


Many of the people we serve are without reliable cars.  For most it makes the difference between getting a job or not.  Imagine being a single parent with no transportation to or from work or having to take multiple busses just to take a child to the doctors office.  Many people have had this experience and the question we have for you is, Why not just donate your unwanted car to us?


Donating your car to charity is a great way to get a tax deduction, not to mention clearing up space in your yard or garage. It is a socially conscious and economically responsible way to get rid of that old car. Plus you get that good feeling that you helped somebody.

Please clean your car before giving it to charity, ready the title and registration papers of your car so you can hand it out when you donate your car.   Always get a receipt and proper tax information from the charity you choose.  It will answer a prayer when you choose ours.  Thank you and God bless your giving to those in need.

 Donations are always welcome.  Your giving helps us give back to those in need. 

Donations are tax deductable. 

Please call for an appointment from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Monday - Friday

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