Beer Manager v5.0

Free Software for managing your beer cellar, reviews, and more!

myBeerManager has gone through many updates already. Please let me know if there are any bugs you find, or any features you desire by clicking “contact me” on the sidebar of this page. Here is a list of the current features:

Auto-Fill. Instead of manually typing in the Brewery, Beer Name, ABV, and Style, you can copy/paste the beer’s "profile page" link from and those fields will be automatically populated.  This makes adding beers to your cellar and reviewing beers very easy!

Auto-complete. As you type, it will help finish the brewery name or beer name based on whats in your cellar.

Search. When adding, removing, or reviewing a beer. You may enter as little as 1 field of detail (ie beer name), and if it is unique in your cellar, it will load the rest of the details from that record.

Import TBS Reviews. has recently updated their site.  With the update they now allow all members (VIP and free accounts) to download their reviews to a .csv file (as it should be; its your content!).  This software will import that .csv file.

- Update Notification. The software automatically checks this site for updates.  When updates do occur, which they will!, you will be notified.  Also, there is a button that lets you easily load all your data into the new version.

If you have troubles using the software, first consult the “Instructions” page found on the sidebar.

Note: Currently this software is for PC use only. The software requires Microsoft Excel.  Mac's version of Excel is stripped down and unable to run this software.
Levi Funk,
Oct 24, 2012, 1:58 PM