I do not like constructing moccasins but occasionally I get a whim....
 This is one of the earliest pair of moccasins I made. They are constructed from commercially tanned deerhide. I was told at the time I would not be able to make them in size 13 beads.... That just spurred me on!
These were my second ever dance moccasins.

    Contemporary Cheyenne Style Moccasins

I am inspired by traditional design. I like to mix it up with modern colour combinations. These are constructed of smoked brain tanned buskskin and size 13 Charlotte cut seed beads. I have rubbed the buckskin upper with a yellow earth pigment and the laces with a red earth pigment.
 Another commission made to match a lady's existing outfit.
These are a woodland styled pair of moccasins that I wear in the woods. These are made from seconds. I have the pattern below...

 These were a commission for a friend. They are made from smoked brain tanned buckskin. Of all the moccasins I have made I am most proud of theese.
These I made for fun many years ago. I used commercial tanned buckskin and size 11 French beads.