1. Myanmar Maritime University started to map the guidelines for this ROV & AUV competition in (2010-2011 ) academic year for the following purposes:
(a) to construct and study the control system of research underwater vehicles in accordance with the developing technologies
(b) to promote the students’ creativity and knowledge
(c) to help conduct the national underwater researches
2. In (2010-2011) academic year, a group of student submitted a study on ROV& AUV as their final year project and got some accomplishments. In 2012-2013 academic year, the study of underwater vehicles come alive again when two groups of students study and construct ROV and AUV separately as their final project. These two projects tried to rectify the previous work by their predecessor and made some improvements.
3. These works by students intrigue me to lay out the plan for competition on underwater technology, especially ROV & AUV, which would allow students to work in group regardless of their field of studies, for students who have passion for inventions and technology. These competitions will surely benefits in allowing students to uncover their potentials and creativity and exploration of new technologies.
4. 1st and 2nd Myanmar ROV Competition had been successfully held at Myanmar Maritime University’s swimming pool.
5. By doing this competition, underwater technology in Myanmar will be improved and operational AUV& ROV with leading-edge technology will be developed from university level to national level, which can give a great advantage to national underwater researches. This will help to realize the motto,” To construct a modern developed nation with education”, and attain development of marine science and technology.