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I would like to share my experience using I will share my story and leave it for you to draw your own conclusion. I spent the last two years communicating with a very attractive lady by the name of Ekaterina Ivashura or Ekaterina Zaleskaya. She was going by the name Zaleskaya on the site which she claims was her married name, and she says that she eventually changed back to her maiden name of Ivashura. She lives in Lugansk, Ukraine.

              I first met Ekaterina in early July 2011 when she offered to chat with me while I was browsing the site. I told her I couldn't talk because I was at work and she left. The next morning there was a letter from her in my inbox. Although I normally didn't open letters, something about her intrigued me and I read it. She seemed extremely sincere as she told me about herself and her life. She finished the letter by asking me to give her a chance. I replied to her and it began close to two years of daily letters. After about two months of correspondence I decided that she was truly incredible and that I had to meet her. The problem with that was because I was born in France the Canadian government didn't consider me a citizen and as a result I couldn't get a passport. I was told that it would take up to eighteen months to become a citizen and get a passport. I told her that, expecting that she would not want to wait, but instead she told me she would wait as long as it took.
            We continued our correspondence and about a year later the documents finally came through. That was August of 2012. As I work in the fencing industry, the summer months are our busy time and there was no way to get time off before Christmas. I explained that to her and suggested that we wait until spring before I went to visit. The reason being that if I was going to travel half the way around the world, I wanted to do it at a time when I could go out and see things. She agreed and I told her I would let her know when the most convenient time would be. In March of 2013 we decided that early May would work out well for both of us. 
                In the weeks leading up to the trip we talked about the things we were going to do together. She told me that she would be able to spend plenty of time with me while I was there but might have to go to work a few hours at a time here and there. She told me that we would take many walks and see the sights of Lugansk. She also told me that most of her nights would be tied up because she had to help take care of her Grandparents who are in poor health. I didn't see a problem with any of that as I didn't expect her to disrupt her life for me.
                 What really happened while I was there was much different. I arrived in Lugansk just before midnight on the sixth of May. I was supposed to be there a few hours sooner but every flight I took to get there was delayed and on top of that my luggage went missing. Anyways she met me at the airport with a driver and an interpreter named Tanya Nazarova. Because it was so late they took me to the Apartment I rented and told me that they would come back the next day at 11am. Ekaterina and Tanya showed up at 11 as promised and we took a taxi and went to a restaurant for an early lunch. After lunch they offered to take me to a grocery store to get a few things since all my things were in my missing suitcase.
                 After that we went back to the apartment and I was told she had to go into work for a while and would come back in a few hours. I should also mention that she told me from the beginning that she was the office manager at a Building Supply company. Anyways they came back and again we went out to a restaurant for dinner. I was then told that she had to go and take care of her grandparents and that they would come back again the next morning at 11. She told me that she had arranged horse riding for us. So we started the day by going to another café and after we had a coffee, we went horseback riding. That lasted about an hour and then they took me to another café where we had an early dinner. Again she told me that she had to go back to work and then to take care of her grandparents. She told me that the next day was a national holiday and that we would go to a parade and be able to spend most of the day together because she didn't have to work.
                        So again they showed up at 11 the next morning and said we would go to the café across the street from my apartment. While we were waiting for the food they explained to me that we were too late for the parade and that she would have to leave right after we were done at the café because she was going to spend time with her family. Naturally I was shocked and somewhat devastated as I was expecting to finally spend more than just an hour or two with her, but I figured that we still had more than a week together so I kept quiet. The next day they showed up at 11 again and we went to yet another café at a beach. We had lunch and took a paddle boat ride and then she told me she had to go to work again. Needless to say my frustration was growing. She told me that the next day which was Saturday we would have more time together. So again they showed up at 11 and again back to a café. She told me during lunch that she wanted both of us to get off the Anastasia site and start communicating by regular email. She also told me that now that we have met she would like to come to Canada and visit me here.  While we were eating she got a phone call and she came back and told me she was called in to work again. And on top of that she told me that she wouldn't be able to see me Sunday due to family commitments. Before I went there she told me that Sunday was her one true day-off during the week and that we would have the whole day together. So in total the first week I was there we spent about eight hours together and most of that was spent in a cab or a café. Again I was disappointed but still went with the idea that we still had five more days together.
                     Monday morning came and despite the fact I didn't feel very well I made sure I was ready to go and waited for them downstairs at the apartment door. Only this time just Tanya showed up and told me that Ekaterina got sent out of town on a business trip for two days. And on top of that I was somehow obligated to pay for two hours of her time despite the fact that Ekaterina wasn't there and I didn't request her services. Since I was paying anyways I got her to take me to a pharmacy and to look for souveneirs for my kids. After the two hours were up I told her not to come back unless Ekaterina was with her. The next morning at 11 there was a knock at my door and some other girl was there and said that Tanya sent her. I told her what I had said to Tanya and told her that I didn't want or need her services. A few hours after that I was informed that my luggage was finally located and a girl from Anastasia showed up to take me to get it. It turns out that it was only about two minutes from where I was staying. So despite the fact that I only needed her assistance for about fifteen minutes, again I had to pay the two hour minimum. Then before she left she asked for the gifts that I had brought Ekaterina. This really shocked me that she even knew about them. I told her that I would prefer to wait and present them myself and she told me that I wasn't going to see her again. At that point it was like being hit in the head with a two by four. A million thoughts went through my head all at once. Because I couldn't think clearly I gave them to her. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have.
                      I immediately emailed Tanya and asked what the hell was going on. She told me it would be two days and now I was being told I wouldn't see her again. She assured me that nothing was wrong between Ekaterina and I and that the business trip was unavoidable but just unfortunate timing. But then she told me that Ekaterina would be back late Friday like she told me before, except that she had said two days before. She told me that Ekaterina would come to the airport on Saturday to see me off. Obviously all kinds of thoughts ran through my head over the next few days. Saturday morning came and we picked Ekaterina up on the way to the airport and basically all we had time for was a quick hug and a good-bye. Certainly not what I expected my two weeks with her to be. What should've been the perfect chance to further our relationship was nothing more than a waste of time and money. I came home with a bunch of questions and no answers.
                         By the time I arrived home she had already deleted her profile from the Anastasia site, despite the fact that I told her I had several credits left that I wanted to use before we deleted our profiles. Since she was the only one I talked to I had to basically waste $50 worth of credits. I was starting to get quite suspicious about the way things were happening but since I didn't have any concrete evidence about anything I decided to proceed cautiously. Early in our correspondence after I got back she mentioned having to work on her International passport before she came here because she claimed she had never been abroad.  I told her that she should also take some English lessons before coming here because having just been in her country without knowing the language, it wasn't a good experience, I sent her the web links that I had found for two schools in Lugansk and both listed costs of about $45 per month. She replied by telling me that the links I sent were not good or reputable schools and that the one she was recommended was at the local University with the choice of a two month course at $400/month or a three month course at $300/month. Again my suspicions were aroused. I emailed the site where I got the links from and asked if his information was correct or if there were courses like the one she described. His answer was a little shocking. His first words were that I was obviously involved in an agency scam. Furthermore he told me that the one link I had sent her was to the very same University that she had mentioned. He even emailed me the links to their cost page and indeed it was roughly $45/month. He even included the link to what he said was the most expensive school in the city and it topped out at $68/month. I emailed her back and sent those links and asked her why such a big discrepancy and why she had told me that the very same University was not reputable. Her answer was that she was going to take private lessons. There was no mention of that in her previous email and not only that but based on the amount of time she claimed she would be spending there I was told that she was still asking for more than double. I asked her for some kind of verification and she told me that there was no way to verify it because it wasn't going to be going through the school. Again I was extremely suspicious.
                      Now during this time I searched her name on facebook to see if she had an account and instead found a link to the Russian equivalent of facebook for her page. I sent her a friend request and joined her followers list. A few days later she told me that she doesn't use that site and that her sister was the only one who ever used it. Even if that were true I still couldn't think of why she couldn't tell her sister to accept me on her behalf. We were supposed to be planning a future right? And besides the activity on the site indicated that she was indeed using it herself. Despite my pleading she still refused to simply add me as a friend. What I did find however was pictures of her on a friends page that strongly indicated that she worked for Anastasia. And on top of that two of her friends list her as a co-worker and also list Tanya our interpreter as a co-worker as well. Before I could confront her with my findings I noticed that not only did she not add me as a friend but she blocked me from her page and deleted me from her followers page. As well Tanya the interpreter also blocked me from her page. At this point I reported her to Anastasia as certainly an employee posing as a client was inappropriate at best. To say the least at this point the Anastasia site hasn't been overly helpful in clearing up her ties to the site. I provided them with a series of pictures at an office party, which both Ekaterina and Tanya were clearly participating in. I also provided them a picture which shows an Anastasia calendar being held up.
          Ekaterina is the blond in the Bunny outfit and Tanya is the short haired girl with the Devil's horns.
          Anastasia customer service says that these photos prove nothing and despite asking a few times, refuse to simply answer if Ekaterina is an employee or not. I also provided a screen shot of one of the girls social media page under the heading Co-Workers, which shows both Ekaterina and Tanya on that page.
             As I said at the beginning, please draw your own conclusions. If you would like to send feedback or comments, I would appreciate hearing them. Also if you have an experience related to Anastasia or Ekaterina I would like to hear that as well. My email address is    My name is Jeff Coppick
Also may I add that in my personal opinion you should avoid this site and all of their affiliates at all costs.

In my opinion, this Company, their affiliates, and employees are all a fraud.


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