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The team challenges all of you and all of the major pen-manufacturers to join-up this challenge and inspire people by doing so.

This is a culture21 project where teams develop projects that are so inspiring, and aspire people to bring the best out of them and join that community of humanity - great inspirators from the past, great inspirators who live today - and be treasure-boxes for their communities.


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Agenda21, is the name for the plan of action making sure humanity will make it beyond the year 2100.  To make it beyond the year 2100, intermediate goals have been set out.  Every 10 years, since 1972, the best of the best humanity can bring forward, gather in the "Earth Summits" to make up an intermediate status, to adjust Agenda 21 and set-out new goals.
- The 8 Millennium Development Goals, set out in 2000 and to be achieved by end 2015
- The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set out end 2015 and some to be achieved by 2020, some by 2030.
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  2. History: the Sustainable Development Goals build upon Agenda 21 - the plan of action to foster collaboration so Humanity will make it beyond the year 2100 and the 2000-2015 "8 Millennium Development Goals".

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1CO2e Rights of the Child 25 yrs Commemorative Coin

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