A21 Section IV: Means of Implementation

Assisting humanity to make it beyond the year 2100.  You are coming in from here? Then this is your place ... have fun & team up !
Includes supporting Agenda 21 ... 

  1. Through Management, Organisation & Assessment
    1. The Commission on Sustainable Development acts as a high-level forum on sustainable development and has acted as preparatory committee for summits and sessions on the implementation of Agenda 21. The UN Division for Sustainable Development acts as the secretariat to the Commission and works "within the context of" Agenda 21.
    2. In the Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative75 authors from leading universities, expertise centres and leadership institutes evaluated more than 60 green growth government strategies and programs around the world.  Anno 2014, it is the first comprehensive international assessment of lessons from experiences of pursuing green growth across all levels of government and all regions.  The 9 interlinked elements that the experts distilled that were commonly used by governments in green growth analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring are integrated in MyAgenda21 to give an open space to all to further and expand things.
  2. 2.1. Through the Employment of well designed planning and co-ordination processes
  3. 2.2. Trough the Establishment of clear visions, targets, and baselines
    1. UN International Decades, Years and Days
  4. 2.3. Trough undertaking robust identification, analysis and balanced communication of the benefits of green growth
  5. 2.4. Through prioritizing measures and technologies and construct credible pathways towards formulated targets
  6. 2.5. Through designing portfolios of policies to address near-term development and longer-term green growth transformation goals and respond to specific market failures and political economy challenges
  7. 2.5. Through designing public finance instruments to overcome barriers to mobilizing private investment into green growth sectors
  8. 2.6. Design public finance instruments to overcome barriers to mobilizing private investment into green growth sectors
  9. 2.7. Through tapping into the power of public-private collaboration
  10. 2.8. Through pursueing mutually reinforcing action across subnational and national levels of government
  11. 2.9. Through building and maintaining robust green growth monitoring and evaluation systems
  12. Through the Means of Science
  13. Through the Means of Technology Transfer
  14. Through the Means of Education
  15. Through the Means of Culture
  16. Through Urbanism and good planning
  17. Through the Means of Sports
  18. Through the Means of International Institutions
  19. Through the Means of International Mechanisms
  20. Through the Means of Financial Mechanisms
    1. The UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Low Carbon Economy
    2. The CO2e-Certificate -Emission Trading System
    3. Biodiversity Certificate Trading System
    4. Climate Change Adaptation Certificate Trading System
    5. 2€ Commemorative Coins
      1. Proposals for 2€ Commemorative Coins
      2. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the CO2e Emission Trading System
      3. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the 2010 International Year of Bio-Diversity
      4. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the 2011 International Year of Bio-Diversity
      5. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the 2012 Anniversary of the 2005-2012 First Period of the CO2e Emission Trading
    6. Alternative Currencies
      1. The ECO and the the Ecorate system
      2. The LET-System / Currency or Local Energy Trade System or Equal Time Value Currency
      3. "Carbon Money": CO2e-certificates
        1. A 2€ CO2e-commemorative Coin to celebrate the Emission Trading System
      4. The A21-Certificate
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