Olympic Agenda21

  1. Olympic21 is the Agenda21 plan of action applied by and to the Olympic Movement.  It is part of the larger Sports21 - the Agenda21 logical framework applied to all Sports and Culture21.  Sports is embedded in a culture of sports, meaning that the best prestations are not the ultimate goal in itself: endangering ones own body or the bodies of others by using doping or drugs to deal with excessive stress, making goals by kicking other players into the hospital, why not murdering adversaries; this is of course completely beyond the point.  Likewise a regime that thinks other peoples will admire it because it wins more medals but by implementing a regime where athletes are regarded as throw-away objects is also completely beyond the point of what sports and the olympic movement is all about.  Idem for money laundering, corruption for the allocation of games/building sports infrastructures s.a. sports villages. Sports21, Olympic21, Culture21 are all about achieving top results in a society respectful towards health, peace, universal values, respect for human rights, the environment, etc. 
  2. Agenda21 is a plan of action developed by the best humanity can bring forward.  During the decennial Earth Summits, experts, nobel prize winners, federations of science, politicians, artists, ngo's come together and discuss what are humanities most pressing problems, and develop a plan of action to make sure we don't run into a wall by the year 2100.  That plan of action is named Agenda21.  The 2000-2015 Millennium Development Goals and its successor, the 17#GlobalGoals from 2015-2020-2030 are results of Agenda21.
  3. By applying the Agenda21 plan of action, the Olympic Movement goes beyond e.g. fair play, no drug use, etc in sports, and extend it to make also the sports event sustainable, e.g. CO2e neutral not only on the site where the Olympic Games are helt, but also all its offices, or for transport buy CO2e certificates from organisations that plant trees around sports infrastructures in developing countries.  The plan makes it part of a larger plan that helps other groups working on other topics get solutions from the sustainable olympic movement and visa versa, help the olympic movement to become more sustainable.
  4. More: http://www.unep.org/sport_env/Olympics_UNEP.aspx = Agenda21 Olympics

Suggested Links
  1. Panathlon International

    Panathlon International (PI), the organisation for Fair Play, is the non-governmental, non-profit-making, non-political association, without gender or racial distinction, of all Panathlon clubs in the world and is dealing essentially with culture and ethics in sport. The name is of Greek origin. “Pan” means All and “Athlon” Sport. The motto “ludis iungit” is Latin for “(Panathlon) unites by means of sport”.[1]  Panathlon started 12 June 1951 in Venice to promulgate the sporting ideal and its cultural and moral values as a means towards the development and advancement of the individual and as a vehicle of solidarity between men and peoples.
    The Panathlon is now recognised by the International Olympic Committee(IOC) and is a member of SportAccord and the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP). More: www.panathlon.net and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panathlon_International
  2. 2013-2022 International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures  https://en.unesco.org/decade-rapprochement-cultures

  3. International Day of Sport for Development and Peace - 6 April www.un.org/en/events/sportday

  4. OBJECTIF BROUSSE dukaat commemorative card p4 & 1 English

  5. HUB21 - Art as a bridge for Peace: The Wall Art Project, honoring the Refugee Olympic Team

  6. More: skype SvenAERTS (image below during a workshop at UNO Bonn)