A21 Section III: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups

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  1. The Role of Children and Youth
  2. The Role of Women
  3. The Role of NGOs
  4. The Role of Local Authorities
  5. The Role of Business and Workers
  6. The Role of Minority Groups
  7. The Role of the Democratic Society & Collective Intelligence
  8. The Role of Sports
    1. Olympic Agenda21UNEP - Agenda 21 Olympic Games Official site
    2. Le Carton Vert pour reconnaître le fair-play - the Green Card for fair-play

  9. The Role of Culture and Arts
    1. culture21 - Agenda 21 for the Cultural sector 
    2. ...
  1. The role of cities, urbanism, rural areas, green spaces, etc. as per http://rurbanafrica.ku.dk/work_packages/
    1. Agricultural transformation
    2. Rural livelihoods, 
    3. City dynamics, 
    4. Access to services, 
    5. Knowledge platform and policy dialogue, 
    6. Synthesis, dissemination and management. 
      1. Central to the approach is the on-going integration of policy research, policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and empirical research.
    7. Intro Agenda 21 link Promoting Sustainable Settlement Patterns
    8. List of Villages with a Plan of Action along Agenda 21
    9. The Millennium Villages
    10. Forging common future initiatives, linking people's future s.a. Town twinningLife long learning & Youth Mobility - Youth Policy - Allow youngsters to team-up with other youngsters
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