Agenda 21 link culture? Welcome to culture21 !

But first some music; we always minimum start and end with some music to stimulate our brains:

The international and local orchestras of people living on junk yards - the Landfillharmonic

Welcome to this collaborative starting page on culture 21, where Agenda21 links to the cultural sector and visa versa.  At least since 2005, culture has been seen as a pillar for Sustainable Development by specialists; in 2010, it was confirmed as the "Fourth Pillar of Sustainable" by UNESCO - though it took till 2015, the other actors in sustainability-environment and nature became fully conscious about it and started to actively support it: "The organizing principle for sustainability is sustainable development, which includes the four interconnected domains: 
  1. ecology, - environmental sustainability;
  2. economics, - economical sustainability;
  3. politics,- political sustainability; and 
  4. culture,- cultural sustainability.[1]"   

The model is now being used by organizations such as UNESCO, the United Nations Cities Programme.[40] and Metropolis.[41]

What was basically discovered is that - if something is still a problem today, and an organisation or group of organisations has been campaigning about it, yet it is still not solved, today, then they must have done something wrong the last couple of years, because other issues and groups have been able to solve their problem and the problem no longer exist.  The latter were just better at understanding the "narrative", the culture, of the specific target groups they need to bring on board to bring about change.  And that is what culture 21 is about: a plan of action to help you identify that narrative quicker in the groups you were not able to manage to bring on board and provoke the change required to solve the issue.  Welcome to culture 21 !

Want to market / further your goal? Team up with an artist, cultural partner, sports21 !

Example of culture21 result workshop

Videoclip: this is a result of a culture21 workshop.  The problem: how to bring people on board in the #GlobalGoals? Especially how to bring about change into male driven societies? You can't have 1 solution. You need a pallet.  So here we tried to reach out to a maximum of people, via youth - both boys & girls - because youth are known to have a big transformational change capability. Youth will bring these goals into their families and talk about them, or parents just noticing they're listening to this clip, thus bringing about the needed transformational change.  Information is not communication.  We try to address as many senses as possible: auditive, music, dance, move, ... . Inspirational to both boys and girls, friends, brothers, sisters, family, faterhs and mothers, school, the whole village, the whole town, province, country, the world.  We have to change the attitude of boys, so we look for what makes boys/young men "tick".  These women say: if you want me, join me to after all these #GlobalGoals.

Culture 21 both cuts through the #GlobalGoals transversally - like all of them - and at the same time it is explicitly anchored in some of the Sustainable Development Goals / #GlobalGoals, more particularly in:
  1. Goal 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all
    1. 4.7 by 2030 ensure all learners acquire knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including among others through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development
  2. Goal 8. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
    1. 8.9 by 2030 devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism which creates jobs, promotes local culture and products
      1. note that 2017 is the UN Int. Year for Sustainable Tourism for development
  3. Goal 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
    1. 11.4 strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage".
  4. Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
    1. 12.b develop and implement tools to monitor sustainable development impacts for sustainable tourism which creates jobs, promotes local culture and products

culture 21 link Agenda21 and visa versa - SDG 11.4

Here's a word cloud what culture 21 is about:

#MODE21 #culture21 word cloud

Culture21 is a plan of action and structured in the following way:
  1. Cultural rights: dealing with the link on rights/law/legal and culture
    1. Active citizenship, freedom of speech, access to heritage, values, and identities, and active participation in cultural life, 
    2. The quality of a culture can be evaluated as to what extent it makes sure cultural rights are an integral element of and align with the universal human rights and guarantee access to the knowledge necessary to exercise other rights, freedoms, and responsibilities.
    3. The construction of identity has become a key element rather than a fixed identity which has ceased to be a predetermining factor in community life.
    4. Actors are to adopt a guideline text on cultural rights, freedoms, but also cultural responsibilities.
    5. Actors are to adopt measures to facilitate citizen/member participation, either individually or as representatives of civil society groups, in setting priorities, decision-making, and in the evaluation of cultural policies.
    6. Actors are to adopt/think about and set minimum service standards to ensure basic cultural services (for example, a minimum number of libraries/ books per inhabitant).
    7. Local policies should help citizens to exercise their rights to determine freely their identity, develop and exercise their creative abilities, recognize and accept foreign cultural expressions, and to take part in collective decision-making o all facets of community life. Local policies should recognize citizens as the main actors in local cultural life.
  2. Culture and the link to Heritage, diversity, and creativity
    1. Heritage, diversity, and creativity are the foundations of cultural life.
    2. Put someone / a team in charge of taking care of the local Culture21 plan of action, organise regular meetings
    3. Knowledge management, collection of data, interpretation, transfer of know-how, innovation
    4. Determine a budget and parameters how to measure and calculate the return
    5. Facilities, spaces, and venues dedicated to training, creation, and production of culture, for example: residencies, incubator projects, art factories, laboratories, etc.
    6. Linking past, present with future.  Research how culture can solve a local society to evolve and solve its problems - this will go more readily when in line with the Agenda21 plan of action, human rights, culture 21.  Any tradition that is unable to interact with the present will become an irrelevant fossil. In the same way, cutting- edge culture that does not engage and evolve with the present will be rootless.
    7. Active participation of the local community, “local culture” or “culture of proximity”, subsidiarity and linking to larger levels/entities.
    8. For evaluation the value of artists and cultural professionals, one can check to what extent they play a key role in sustainability in that their work explores the boundaries of the known and creates new meanings. Creating conditions for building excellence emerges from a dialogue between proximity and visibility and is essential for sustainable cultural policies.
  3. Culture and education
    1. linking educational policy with cultural policy.
    2. Set-up / participate in a platform or network that brings together public, civic, and private actors in the field of culture, education, and lifelong learning.
    3. Knowledge management, Education and training strategies, transfer of know-how.
    4. Cultural institutions that receive public support provide educational activities for formal and informal environments, and dedicate a significant part of their budget to them.
    5. You can promote active citizenship by making sure your citizens' cultural capacities are developed, that citizens are made aware of their capacities to make and participate in culture, to express themselves and participate in cultural activities or arts.
  4. Culture and environment
  5. Culture and economy
  6. Culture, equality, and social inclusion
  7. Culture, urban planning, and public space
  8. Culture, information, and knowledge
  9. Governance of culture 
Each one of these 9 chapters incorporate a list of specific actions that provide guidance for the work of the local actors linked to the Agenda 21 for Culture, and which promote processes of self- evaluation leading to the better fulfillment and more effective implementation of what Culture can bring to Agenda21, i.e. to help humanity make it beyond the year 2100. 

Photo: Marketing & Artist Jakob Trollbaeck, it was himself and his team who developed the icon's of the #SDGs and went from the texts that came out of the negotiations and workshops to a marketable basis. He is Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Trollbaeck + Company, here at the Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development at the World Conference Center (WCC) in Bonn, March 02, 2017. He's in a panel with Ms. Edda Hamar, UN SDG Young Leader and Founder/ Director Undress Runways, at the Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development at the World Conference Center (WCC) in Bonn, March 03, 2017. © photothek/Inga Kjer.

Example of what culture21 can result into when applied by the fashion industry who promote their agenda21 of culture as #MODE21:

  1. - Copenhaegen
    1. Implementing design strategies for cyclability
    2. Increasing the volume of used garments and footwear collected
    3. Increasing the volume of used garments and footwear resold
    4. Increasing the share of garments and footwear made from recycled post-consumer textile fibres 

Agenda21 of Culture=culture21 and applied to the fashion industry = #MODE21, which can result into e.g. this...

cf. image below: Example of culture21 applied to the electronic music & dance festival scene - contact skype SvenAERTS

Applied to culture21, urban planning, and public space, this gives e.g.: 

Applied to the promotion of biofuels it resulted in this - the building of a spectacular biofuel powered boat and winning the Earthrace:

Request for Collaboration: The wikipedia article on Culture - doesn't really provide a list of factors to look at / to study a culture and say something about it. So herewith a request for collaboration to make such a list - please log in to complete.  A better article is 
Cultural elements: architecture, arts,  clothing, cooking / food, clothing, dance - dance21, fashion, festivities / holidays, graffiti, jewelry, MODE21literature, models and role models, money, music mythology, painting, poetry, printing, philosophyritual, and religionsculpture, symbols, the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of a society, technologies such as tool usagecookingshelter, and clothing, fashion, sports - Sports21, money, social security, respect for universal rights, separation of powers - political, justice, executive, religious, cultural - powers, belief-system, counter-culture, morals, law,  values, belief systems, rules, norms, morals, language, organizations, and institutions, ... 
Cultural invention has come to mean any innovation that is new and found to be useful to a group of people and expressed in their behavior but which does not exist as a physical object. 


  1. UNESCO Culture21 how Mexico applies it:
  2. 2013-2022 International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures
  3. 21 May Happy World #CulturalDiversityDay 
  4. The day provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to advance the four goals of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions adopted on 20 October 2005:

    1. Support sustainable systems of governance for culture
    2. Achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services and increase mobility of artists and cultural professionals
    3. Integrate culture in sustainable development frameworks
    4. Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms
  5.  Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:  “Everyone has the right freely to
    participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in
    scientific advancement and its benefits”.
  6. Twitter culture2015goal
    1. #Culture2015Goal is a civil platform of networks acting as a global voice to aware UN about Culture for the development
    2. #Culture21Actions is the operative program, the way to develop #Culture2015Goal
    3. Art, Culture and cultural rights, as enablers of freedom, acknowledgement of diversity, as an answer to bullshit, terrorism and extremism. 
    4. Art and Cultural events as answer to bullshit, terrorism and extremism.
    5. If you want development, then put the human at the center of this development.
  7. culture21 applied to the electronic music & dance festival scene - contact skype SvenAERTS
  8. To all, january 24, a very happy "World day for the African Culture"
  9. A tous, janvier 24, une joyeuse “Journée Mondiale de la Culture Africaine"
  10. 21/3 = Happy #WorldPoetryDay.
    To all #Graffiti Artists, keep Graffing for those who have no voice  Grtz, #culture21
  11. Photo: x, Modi NTAMBWE & skype SvenAERTS, in front of a piece of the Berlin wall at the European Parliament. Sven is the driving force behind this wiki.

There's many events, conferences, fairs, on the topic of sustainability, MDG's, SDG's.  All these events need visual anchors that allow the press, the TV crews, the photographers to support their broadcasts.  Visual ankers that in images, speak thousands of words, that capture the spirit of the venture.
  2. Can art save the world? 
    1. Art to Save the World
      1. Division Theater: "Travel organisation "Trip to 2100" has 15 top promotions +1 with an all inclusive formula!"
        1. Trouble capturing people's attention? We can arrange that - the DOGON's.
          1. Dogon Performers, Stelt Walkers, Proximity theatre on the MDG's, Climate Action, Water, Fire, Air, Wind, Trees, Soil, Food, Life, Birth, Kids, War, Peace, Trees, Birds, the Big 5: Elephant, Giraffe, Gorilla, Lion, Rhino... , the elegant 5: the Orynx, the Impala, the butterfly, ...

      2. Doors of Dreams - with first generation Graffiti monument KooL KooR
      3. War 2 Pieces, 2 War - 2 Art, transforming weapons into art that can save the world
      4. Bullet-x-Pen Challenge: A world wide competition to design the pen with which the Secretary General will sign the document confirming and celebrating the first day in Humanity there is nowhere war on Earth - our planet
      5. Broken ships, Burned Dreams, Lampedusa boat refugees
      6. Graffiti Art Community
        1. Projecting the MDG's/SDG's on buildings

Projection of the MGS's on buildings

      1. Black Gold - addressing the issues around ressources, biodiversity, life and human rights.

    1. Anti Discrimination
      1. Klazen en Pieten discussie
    2. Europa
      1. European culture forum =  open doos event of the Directorate General of Culture
      2. European Cultural Parliament 
      3. ..
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  14. MODE21 - culture21 applied to the Fashion and sector of Mode
    1. - Copenhaegen
      1. Implementing design strategies for cyclability
      2. Increasing the volume of used garments and footwear collected
      3. Increasing the volume of used garments and footwear resold
      4. Increasing the share of garments and footwear made from recycled post-consumer textile fibres 
  15. Olympic 21 - Agenda21 applied to and by the Olympic Committee and the Olympic Games
  16. Sports21- Agenda21 applied to the sector of Sports
    1. Panathlon - the world organisation for the promotion of Fair Play
    2. The Panathlon Declaration of Ethics in Youth Sports adopted by UNICEF, the IOC, SportAccord, international federations (FIFA, UCI, IAAF, FIBA, FIG and others), organizations (ENGSO, EUPEA and others) as well as National Olympic Committees (Belgium, Netherlands, Uruguay and others) exemplifies this values-based approach.
  17. - The United Nations has already adopted two Global Pacts, in 1966, one dedicated to civil and political rights, the other to economic, cultural and social rights. This third Pact, fifty years later, is designed to bring together the principles applicable to the wide sphere of the environment, with binding legal force. This is the origin of the initiative launched by the Club français des Juristes, joined by experts from around the world.
      1. Environment, clean air/water/soil, is indeed not mentioned explicitly.  What is mentioned is: Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
  18. #UnitedAgainstCorruption World #AntiCorruptionDay #Hivemind #GlobalGoal16 Peace Justice & Strong InstitutionsSports21, a celebration of Life & Humanity, a culture of excellence in Peace
  19. Thomas MORE - 1516 - Belgium - Leuven: "Every city is divided into four equal parts, and in the middle of each there is a market-place. What is brought thither, and manufactured by the several families, is carried from thence to houses appointed for that purpose, in which all things of a sort are laid by themselves; and thither every father goes, and takes whatsoever he or his family stand in need of, without either paying for it or leaving anything in exchange. There is no reason for giving a denial to any person, since there is such plenty of everything among them; and there is no danger of a man’s asking for more than he needs; they have no inducements to do this, since they are sure they shall always be supplied: it is the fear of want that makes any of the whole race of animals either greedy or ravenous; but, besides fear, there is in man a pride that makes him fancy it a particular glory to excel others in pomp and excess; but by the laws of the Utopians, there is no room for this." from the Gutenberg project publishing all of humanities writings to the whole of humanity, free and open source - - UTOPIA by Thomas MORE.
  20. 2014 Eu Youth Capital Thesa Graffiti Gang