How can genuine democracy emerge from authoritarian regimes?

Welcome to the starting page to deal with this issue.  It is one of the 15 global challenges that each have the potential to bring humanity to its knees.  We are delighted you want to learn more about it, incorporate it in everything you do, the organisations you participate in and contribute in solving it.  Sign in (at the bottom) with your google account - and an edit/add page button will appear so you can start contributing, linking-up and soon others will contact you to link up with you.  To address the issue, several measures are being taken by the different stakeholders: governmental, non-governmental, local - national / regional - global, private sector, etc.

  1. EurAsian Continent
    1. Ukrainian Crisis: the conflict came from the election of a very corrupt regime that couldn't bring about a democracy inside the country.  Just to be conscious about the scale of the mess corruption can bring about: