Welcome to this page and entry point to support Agenda21 and the Millennium Development Goals!

1MDG Ducat MDG4

Please, use this page as your kick-start page, which the UN Millennium site pages doesn't give.  Sign-in with your google account and some buttons will appear "Add Page/ Edit Page / Save Page".

Setting-up this free and open Virtual Environment is the contribution of the management team of this Virtual Environment to creating a practical set of tools for making this development possible.  If you want to help managing and expanding it, please contact me: skype SvenAERTS,

To do:
  1. Invite all institutions, organisations individuals to participate and develop their Plan of Action and bring it even more in line with the Plan of Action Agenda 21 for Humanity to make it beyond the year 2100.
Suggested links:
  1. http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Development_Goals
  3. Through the Means of Financial Mechanisms
    1. 2€ Commemorative Coins
      1. Proposals for 2€ Commemorative Coins
      2. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the CO2e Emission Trading System
      3. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the 2010 International Year of Bio-Diversity
      4. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the 2011 International Year of Bio-Diversity
      5. 2€ Commemorative Coin to celebrate the 2012 Anniversary of the 2005-2012 First Period of the CO2e Emission Trading
    2. Alternative Currencies
      1. "Carbon Money": CO2e-certificates
        1. A 2€ CO2e-commemorative Coin to celebrate the Emission Trading System
      2. The A21-Certificate and Millennium Development Goal Currencies/Ducats