A21i The Agenda 21 index

The Agenda21 Index is a quality and financial index, just like the S&P100 index, the Fortune 500 index, or Sustainability Index, but TAKING INTO ACCOUNT SUSTAINABLE, HUMAN RIGHTS AND ALL AGENDA 21 AND MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOAL ATTENTION POINTS !

Why? What's the problem ? Why use an "A21i" - Agenda 21 index? Why do we need it?

Simple: because the old indexes didn't prevent something as miner as the economical system collapse in 2008-2009.  One of the main causes was misleading rankings of supposedly good companies by rating agences.  You can imagine that specialised independent groups analyse groups/companies/organisations according to certain criteria - Return On Investment, own capital, debt, number of patents the group has, how sustainable they are, nr of personnel, etc.  All these criteria are put in one equation that gives a number.  The higher the group scores, the better etc.  The most known of such rankings and indices are the S&P100 by the independent Standard & Poors organisation or the Fortune 500.   These rating agencies make their money by a.o. selling advise to customers.  Such customers were leading groups, such as Bloomberg, the Wall-Street Journal, most financial newspapers, most Banks, and many financial advisors who advised to invest in companies that were highly ranked in e.g. the S&P100, Fortune 500, etc or had some high ranking according to some Sustainability Index.  Many professional and private investors, pension funds followed those advises.  A good "index" gives high scores to companies that give a good Return On Investment, are well managed and foresee opportunities but also threads thanks to their quality personell and regular Strategical Management sessions.
So, before or after any crises, the companies in that are highly ranked according these indexes, e.g. the top 100 or top 500 companies, because they are so well managed, must have foreseen opportunities or threads thanks to their Strategical Management, so they must also have foreseen the financial crisis or at least be capable to witstand the shocks better relative to their compettitors and so the ranking before or after must be more or less the same.
If you invest in a company in the top 100, you expect it still to be there after a shock, such as the 2008-2009 financial worldwide melt down.
Well this is not so.  Some of these top 100 companies don't even exist any more, just to name one: Lehman Brothers, they simply don't exist anymore, the're bankrupt and everbody who invested in their shares have lost nearly all of their money.

So, the financial world is now urgently looking to adjust/revise these "ranking formulas" and add in factors that should have been in, asking eventually companies to report certain figures e.g. reflecting sustainability issues or giving more weight to such or certain factors.

We believe that - as we are moving from a Fossile Fuel Based Economy to a Low Carbon Economy - and instead of developing all sorts of Green Indexes or Corporate Social Responsibiliby indexes, to go straight for an Agenda 21 index, the A21i.

We cannot help but have a feeling that all these new "Green Indexes", "Corporate Social Responsibility Indexes", is something we have hear/seen before: in the 1990'ies it was all ISO9000 indexes.  Then it had to be ISO9001, no ISO9002, then it had to be ISO14000, ISO 14001, now with the CO2e- it has to be ISO14608.  We cannot help but having a feeling it is all about "Greenwashing" or "Soulwashing" paint that comes of very quickly when scratched.  We don't understand why not go for an index that is founded on heavy scruteny and debate by the best of the best our Humanity has been able to gather for over 3 years and continues to finetune, i.e. the Agenda 21, Plan of Action to help Humanity make it beyond the year 2100.  Most Nobel Price winners and the best of the best our Humanity could bring forward, think NASA.  How many Nobel Price winners and e.g. sattelites and top economists and environmentallists in short the best of the best does the Standard & Poors organisation or Fortune 500 have to determine what they think is most important to follow ? Why waste time and go for any inferior "index" than an Agenda21 index?

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