300 Days


  • My mission is to get you moving. Through movement you can live better. 
  • Through attitude you can live well.
  • The only person who can manage YOUR Parkinson's is YOU. 
  • Believe it. Accept it. Live it. 

Welcome to My Addiction... Parkinson's

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Explore and Enjoy... Amy
Me? I'm a Parkie, have been since 2012 - diagnosed at 44. I'm big into exercise, I will answer any question you might have about my experience with Parkinson's Disease. I do a LOT of reading. I am a big advocate of being a self advocate. I'm very focused on living well with Parkinson's and while I hope for a cure, I'm not waiting around for it. 
I want to be a resource for people in the San Gabriel Valley who have neurological challenges that respond to exercise and movement. 
Feel Free to contact me at amybuilds@gmail.com
PS. Any mistakes on this website are all mine. 
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