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APA Style

Papers that you write for your course(s) must follow the rules of APA Style.  APA stands for the American Psychological Association, the organization that created the rules.

If you're new to APA Style, click
here to review The Basics of APA Style tutorial by the American Psychological Association.  Click here to review their What's New in the Sixth Edition tutorial as well.

If you need further assistance with APA Style, review the links below related to general format, in-text citations, reference lists, and sample papers.

If you need 1-on-1 assistance with APA Style, academic success coaches and Smarthinking e-structors are also available to answer your APA Style questions.

Everest APA Style Guidelines

Many of the graded activities in your courses will require you to support your answers with outside sources. A few examples of outside sources include textbooks, journal articles, and, when appropriate, websites. Whenever you use outside sources in your work, it is very important that you give the appropriate credit to those sources. 

There are times when you will be asked to use APA Style formatting to formally cite your sources. There are other times when you’ll need to cite your sources in a more informal way that doesn’t involve APA Style formatting.  

Click on the links below to view a sample paper formatted in APA Style and guidelines related to how and when you’ll need to cite your sources for Everest assignments.  

APA Explained

Everest APA Guidelines

General Document Format

Use the links below to review guidelines related to general format:

In-Text Citations

Use the links below to review guidelines related to in-text citations:                           


Reference Lists

Use the links below to review guidelines related to reference list content and format:

Sample Papers

Use the links below to review APA Style sample papers:

Walden University: Sample Paper