SLS 1105: Strategies for Success Resources
This page is dedicated to resources related to SLS 1105: Strategies for Success, a course typically taken by first year students at Everest.  Review the links below for information related to your career paper, cover letter, and resume.
If you need further assistance with your Strategies for Success assignments, ATSC Life Skills tutors, ATSC Life Skills webcam tutors, and Smarthinking e-structors are available to answer your questions.

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.Weekly Course Deliverables

Click here to review and save a copy of this term's Strategies for Success weekly course deliverables (this version is based on a 12 week course, click here for a 10 week course and here for a 6 week course).  This document allows you to keep track of your assignments, possible points, points earned, the submission method, and due dates.  It's highly recommended that you save this document and use it to keep track of your progress each week.

Career Paper
Your Strategies for Success course requires you to write an academic essay based on a career that interests you.  Your essay must contain each of the 8 items below and must follow APA Style guidelines.
  1. Title page
  2. Introductory paragraph
  3. Thesis statement
  4. Body paragraph(s)
  5. Concluding paragraph
  6. At least three credible sources
  7. In-text citations
  8. Reference list
Please visit Everything APA and Basic Writing Help to review guidelines related to the writing process.
You can develop a better understanding of this assignment by reviewing a sample career paper.  Click here to review a sample paper titled "Exploring Law Enforcement".
Cover Letter
You will also need to compose a cover letter in Strategies for Success.  Use the links below to review guidelines related to cover letters:

One of your final assignments in Strategies for Success is to write a resume based on your professional experience.  Use the links below to review guidelines related to resumes: