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 taken at GoldVein, Virginia March 2006

The best feeling in the world is to find something that the earth created millions of years ago and put it in a spot just for you to dig up and find!

If you had $20 in gold and a $20 dollar bill in 1917, today the gold would be worth $550 the $20 dollar bill would now be worth 17 cents!

Where i live:  Alexandria, Va

 Hometown:  Black Rock, Arkansas 


DOB: 25th January 1976

Employer:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 


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 April Fools Day VA-Gold Meeting

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 Gabby, aka the most beautiful angel in the world...



A little about me, just turned 30 this past January.  Took up prospecting and i think i have found my way through life now.  I  cant wait to get to Alaska someday and work the famous beaches of Nome for the flour gold!!!!



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