to Feast or Famine

78 things for me to do in 2010

001. Get my passport
002. Get my passport stamped
003. Finish Chronicles of Narnia
004. Read Lord of the Rings series
005. Submit my stationery designs to a local store
006. Submit my stationery designs to an online retailer
007. Go on a date w/ each of my children once a quarter
008. Shop for Christmas throughout the year
009. Complete a living will
010. Send one card to a friend per month.
011. Buy and fill family photo albums with pictures to date
012. Learn to speak a little German
013. Sew something functional
014. Paint a picture
015. Complete a digital portfolio
016. Use power tools
017. Turn trash into treasure
018. Read scripture every day- even if it’s only one verse
019. Learn to make a piece of jewelry
020. Write in the kids’ journals 3x.
021. Paint my bedroom
022. Make “real” hot chocolate (Paris style)
023. Have ‘the talk’ with my eldest.
024. Blog once a week
025. Catch up with an old friend
026. Watch at least one pre-1970 movie
027. Learn about a new artist.
028. Learn to make sourdough bread.
029. Try one new recipe per month.
030. Buy a new bathing suit (that I like).
031. Get out of the house (alone) twice a month (pathetic, I know)
032. Freeze a meal once a month
033. Aim @ my children’s hearts more than their behavior
034. Verbalize my feelings once a week
035. Verbally encourage and praise my husband at least once a week.
036. Have my eyes checked
037. Venture out of the 7 mile radius from my home at least twice a month.
038. Illustrate a poem
039. Co-write a song with my husband
040. Replace all my old towels with new white ones
041. Pay off more debt
042. Get $100 worth of groceries for $10
043. Taylor one piece of clothing myself
044. Actually use my ipod touch for music
045. Submit an article
046. Get 8 hours of sleep for 7 days straight
047. Drink at least 3 glasses of H2O per day (right now I often drink nothing but my two cups of coffee...awful I know)
048. Try ethnic food that I haven’t had before
049. Take my vitamins at least every other day
050. Make homemade ice cream
051. Not dread December
052. Design, matte and frame the Ten Commandments
053. Call my grandparents more often
054. Take more photos of the kids
055. Have a family portrait made
056. Seriously pursue whether we’re called to adopt
057. Help my children identify their individual giftings
058. Pay off van four months early
059. compose a family mission statement
060. Teach myself web design
061. Make sushi with my husband
062. Meet my friend’s long awaited baby
063. Shoot hoops once every two months
064. Learn more about my great grandparents
065. Sleep in until eleven o’clock and be served breakfast in bed (mother’s day hint, hint, dear)
066. Get a massage by a professional
067. Host friends at home
068. Watch the PBS Pride and Prejudice series
069. Sell something on ebay
070. Buy new socks
071. Get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in a while
072. Frame and paint a large bulletin board
073. Paint a horse for my daughter
074. Get a check up
075. Find a primary doctor
076. Plant herbs
077. Grow a tomato plant
078. Make homemade salsa