Custom codec

Codec downloads:

Link #1

* Please note that this link contains UNOFFICIAL build of MX Player codec.

How to build FFmpeg for MX Player

Following conditions are required to run included shell script:
  1. Linux or Cygwin.
  2. Latest Google NDK.
First, ffmpeg source codes should be download from download page.

And then shell scripts need to be modified to fix up paths:
  1. Move to ffmpeg/JNI directory.
  2. In, change "NDK" variable to point NDK path.
  3. In, change "MAKE" variable to point ndk-build script of NDK directory.
  4. In, change TARGET1 and TARGET2 directory to point output directory.
And then run "" with one of following arguments: (or to build for all architectures)
neon, tegra2, v6_vfp, v6, v5te, x86, x86_sse2, mips. 

After this, all library files should be generated on TARGET directories.

* This build is applicable after version 1.7.6
* From version 1.7.6, file names are changed to, so forth to resolve conflict with system library files.
* From version 1.7.16, it generates single file;