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Meetings consist of an eclectic mix of 15 minute talks.  The topics can be anything at all but usually are of a technical persuasion.

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Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at:

Level 15, 
303 Collins Street, 
VIC 3000

(corner of Collins and Elizabeth)

The building is locked after 6pm so send an SMS to TBA on TBA to have someone let you in.

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20th July 2011 - << Minutes coming soon.
18th May 2011 - In which we left random numbers to chance, did some game development, reviewed some books and came up with ideas for future MXUG talks.
16th March 2011 - Where we lost religion, were wrong about it, and learnt a bit about Asperger Syndrome.
16th February 2011 - Deploying databases, time-lapse video of cyclones, 0install and friendly AI.
19th, January 2011 - In which we looked at Quantum Singularities... no wait... Quantum Programming and Technological Singularities, and lots of other stuff.
13th September 2010 - Where we cooked up some sys-admin with chef, listened to Ola Bini talk about Ioki and Seph, made javascript suck less with CoffeeScript and more.
18th August 2010 - In which we talked about using Raphaël for data visualisation, why CouchDB wasn't used on a project, and does P = NP or not.
21st July 2010 - In which we learnt about Redline Smalltalk, mimicJs, DYI MIDI, Erlang and Pool!
16th June 2010 - In which we brewed coffee, looked at start charts and virtualisation.
19th May 2010 - In which we looked at Smart Meters, Nokia mobiles (Linux based and not linux based) and MongoDB.
21st April 2010 - In which we looked at UK Politics, CoffeeScript, HTML 5, laugh tracks, iPads, smart meters, and cranked dogs.
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