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5-9-2013 movies

We have been searching and found the first movies of the MX Stage Nederland in 2013. Look at the link photo / movie on this website.

2-8-2013 Pictures

The first pictures I received and placed in the link picture / movie.
If you have also made ​​nice pictures or videos send them to info@mxstage.nl and we will post them.
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1-7-2013 v.d. Laar Racing offers the possibility of testing Yamaha

Vd Laar Racing offers the possibility of testing Yamaha Motorcycles during MX Stage Nederland

During Stage MX Netherlands will vd Laar Racing from Gemert presence with a stand to support participants during their stay if one does not have all the stuff on hand. Also find the First Racing clothing Vd Laar Racing is importer .

Also Vd Laar Racing gives you the opportunity test a Yamaha Motor so that you can discover what qualities these engines has. These are the engines in the class 85cc, 125cc and 265cc two-stroke engine.

Would you also consider the opportunity to test one of these engines and are you still looking for a nice holiday annex training with trainers like Marc de Reuver, Jan van Hastenberg, George Strik, Arwald Nijland, Antoon van der Linden and Henri Verstappen still sign up quickly for this week from July 29 thru August 2 on the circuit Landsard.

21-6-2013 Marc de Reuver

Due to the fact that there are still participants register for MX Stage Netherlands, the organization has chosen an extra coach to be included in the program and this is none other than brand new certified coach Marc de Reuver, the former GP rider known as Calimero nickname.

Especially for the newly created top class group is Marc with his experiences at national and international level course invaluable stimulate the organization of MX Stage Netherlands. We have trainers like George Strik, Henri Verstappen, Jan van Hastenberg, Antoon van de Linden and Arwald Nijland obviously been a lot of quality at home and this is also our goal to deliver quality.

The training week to be held at the circuit Landsard from July 29 to August 2, 2013 and is characterized by the combination of vacation and training, so something for everyone.

Have you so fancy a nice experience with trainers that you are going to bring in the intricacies of crosses Then sign up.

29-4-2013 Poster MX stage Nederland

The poster for MX Stage Netherlands is ready!

9-4-2013 Again two trainers for the holiday week training MX Stage Nederland July 29

In addition to the contracted trainers Arwald Nyland and George Strik has MX Stage Netherlands now also qualified coaches Jan van Hastenberg and Henri Verstappen set for her training week in Veldhoven which will be held from July 29 to August 2 on the circuit the Landsard.

Both trainers are familiar with our concept and enjoy great respect within the motocross as trainers as they work both nationally and internationally for years with riders according to the organizers. We would of course like previous years drop a training that is distinctive from the rest. On the one hand you do this by working with good trainers, but then you must also ensure that everyone has the sense and experience as we like a vacation in the summer and some also keep in place of vacation. That's why we provide good service in the form of power connections for everyone, clean showers and toilets and we do besides the cross activities also other things. One is our annual kart competition on the kart track of Landsard. For the little ones we provide a bouncy castle and also be provision for the inner man. In short, a week to remember and where you look back on many years of enjoyment.

If you are interested, do not hesitate and register quickly through

28-3-2013 MX STAGE Nederland contract 2 trainers

During the week of July 29 to August 2 organizes MX Stage Netherlands on the circuit Landsard an unforgettable vacation training for both the racer and novice rider.

With the advent of both Arwald Nijland as George Strik we get of course a lot of experience. Both Arwald as George are familiar with the circuit in Eindhoven and its features and their qualifications as trainers are beyond dispute in the Netherlands. Both George and his graduate Arwald are KNMV Trainers who often come into action when new trainers trained by the KNMV.

There is a lot of interest from riders especially from the Netherlands, but also internationally their are entries from England, Belgium and Germany. We hope that there are more people sign up as one reads that George Strik and Arwald Nijland come throughout the week. You can register online through our website www.mxstage.nl also find more information about the training week.

14-3-2013 MX stage Nederland now on facebook

Stage Nederland you can find now on Facebook for the latest news. Follow us!

14-3-2013 Logo MX stage Nederland

We proudly present you the new logo of MX Stage Nederland

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