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Welcome to a new/old take on the Star Wars galaxy. The general idea of this new galaxy is a return to the series' roots. Before Star Wars was about epic battles between good and evil, it was the story of a ragtag team flying around in a scrappy little ship. Some of them are Rebels, some are sympathizers, and some are only out for themselves. During their journey, they encounter the Empire and the Rebellion, and in the end, they battle and defeat evil.

In the decades since 1977, the series has gradually upscaled, and we've almost entirely lost the idea of the scrappy band of good guys. The Star Wars galaxy has become more orderly, with the series' focus gradually shifting away from the galactic rim and increasingly towards Coruscant. This RP strives to focus more on the original Star Wars - something we really don't see much around these boards. We'll also be drawing upon may of Lucas's influences, including Western concepts and Japanese concepts such as the yamabushi.

For this RP, only the first film is 100% canon (and even then, there are minor changes). The other two films in the trilogy are partial canon: I'm willing to include elements such as Hoth and Yoda, but I'm not keen on adding any elements that take away from the Star Wars feel I'm going for. The Force, for instance, is going to be mostly constrained to its interpersonal and perception-altering qualities. I'd like to downplay its telekinetic aspects, and lightning is more or less off limits. But we'll see.

Our story centers upon the exploits of another scrappy little ship and its ragtag crew. Our narrative will follow an episodic format, one which consists of a (mostly) continuous series of our heroes exploits. I'd like to keep the ship's crew to a manageable size, by which I mean probably something like an eight-person maximum to start off, though maybe less. If I can get five or six dedicated crew members, I might consider keeping the crew that small for the first episode, and depending on how well that goes, expanding in future episodes.

So if you don't make it aboard the ship right off the bat, don't fret. If this succeeds, I'm definitely looking to expand this in the future. And even if growth stabilizes, I still expect people to come and go, which will leave us with open slots from time to time. The episodic format allows us to add players fairly easily.

Another opportunity for non-crew players comes in the form of side characters. I'd like to include characters in this who aren't part of the crew, but are still significant - they just don't show up every episode. Some of these would be one-time guest appearances, but I see lots of room for recurring characters - especially in terms of villains, crime lords, and Imperial forces. There's plenty of important figures who wouldn't fit in on the ship, but who warrant a place in our story.

That said, welcome aboard the Ronin. It's a light freighter, fast enough to escape most trouble that comes its way. For everything else, the ship is equipped with a set of frontal blasters and a couple side turrets. I'll be playing the captain, using him as a means to assert my GM influence. But for the most part, I'd like to keep my focus on the players. I'd even go so far as to consider the possibility of episodes that 'feature' a certain character, if you PM me a request along with some ideas for the episode. In fact, (if you so desired) I'd be open to the possibility of the player co-GMing for a single episode. I imagine it's tough to get into GMing, so I'd like to present the possibility of getting into GMing in a fairly limited situation, as a sort of introduction. Or even for experienced GMs, if they wanna run an episode.

I'm also may be interested in eventually adding a permanent co-GM. Anybody interested should inform me; in any case, I probably wouldn't be selecting one until a few episodes in, and I'll probably wait until I've seen you co-GM an episode before making a final decision. If anyone's interested in developing this galaxy from an idea standpoint, go on and check out the planning thread, where we've been working out ideas for about a month now. And feel free to drop me a PM anytime.