For Football Manager 2008, 2009, 2010

Mini-SE 2.1 for Football Manager 2010

30.10.2009: New Mini Scout for fm 2010, version 10.0, 10.1

One more year, one more FM one more release. We are not getting any younger, are we?

I didn't know if I would continue to support the tool due to the amount of time it requires and the few I have, but hopefully, from a memory point of view the 2010 opus is very similar to the 2009.

This version should work fine with Football Manager 2010 version 10.0 and 10.1, on XP, Vista, 7. If it does not try to run both Mini and FM with administrator rights and xp compatibility enabled. 

It has English, French and Chinese language so give it a try!


Download Page

*Update 05.11: Uploaded a version 2.2.2,
- Support Steam 10.1 Version (not 10.0)
- Fixed regens not showing in export List

Note that it seems there is numerous fm.exe out there. For example direct2drive version seems to be different from Boxed and Steam. Basically if the exe is different then the memory allocation is different and the scout won't work. If Mini detects your version is different than the one in the database then it will offer you the option to load one of them. I can already tell you it won't work 99.99% of the time but who knows?

13/03: Update for 9.03 patch

Just a small update for 9.03 patch, I uploaded a new version that is now compatible with the patch. Download here

28/12/08:Uploaded a new version

I forgot to disable a debug function that slows down the program and occupy unnecessary memory space after some time. I recommend to use this new version.

27/12/08: Mini-SE 2.0, released

I am glad to announce you that a new version of Mini-Scout is finally available for Football Manager 2009 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 patch. Download page

The tool has been mostly recoded which is why it took me a little bit longer to release this version.

What's new?

-First Mini-Scout is no more an Editor

I got several feedbacks telling me it wasn't good to put a scout and an editor together and after playing some time during last summer I came to the same conclusion. So for the sake of serenity the program no more have the possibility to write in FM memory. I may release a Mini-Editor later.

-The program is now fully translatable. To do so you just have to edit the file in the language directory. Don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to add your language file in future releases and if you have have any question about it.

- There is now sub-ratings for each player position, you can find all of them in the attribute panel. The main panel also shows sub-ratings for the best rating position and you can switch rating by clicking the position button below.- Added staff rating for each employment, also training efficienty.

- Added current, home, world, reputations
- All panels now refresh when clicking a player in the search panel.
- Lots of minor tweaks

A note about the sell value:
The sell value address used in FM08 is no more updated in FM09. The value is now dynamically calculated upon certain parameters like player/club reputations, CA, Age..., each time you make an offer. To calculate an accurate sell value it would require to find all of those parameters and the weight used for each of them which would be a very tedious work.

If you're looking for cheap wonderkids your best bet now is too check the player's current and worldwide reputation , also the status of the player in the team. From my test the home reputation has few impact, the current reputation approximately multiply a young player value by 4, the worlwide by ten, the status in club by 5. Also the club reputation does modify this value a lot.

Cheers, and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year! Smile

11/04: Mini-SE 1.51, released

This version should fix most bugs encountered in 1.5.
Thanks to everyone who helped in testing.

Download here

Changes list
- Added No Edit Mode. If this option is active edits are not written in memory.

Search Panel
- Fixed search panel. Should now load correctly.
- Fixed club and nationality search. Only clubs/nations possessing active players/staffs are listed.
- Fixed positions/ratings not showing in custom shortlist
- Fixed positions/ratings not showing when pressing up,down keys
- Now possible to select multiple players and add them in the custom shortlist.
Attributes Panel
- Fields should now order correctly.
- Fixed person data. Now shows the correct attribute for each field.

Fixed "Reset all" button. Now works as intended.

06/04: Mini-SE 1.5, search overhaul and ratings!

As the title explains this update mainly focus on the search panel and rating function.

The search engine has been greatly improved. The program now creates databases, either when Mini is loaded, if auto search is on, or when the search window is opened for the first time if you disabled the auto search.Creating databases is two to three time faster than an old search and the search button shows the data practically instantly.It also means you'll have to refresh databases from time to time to keep data up to date.

For the rating i have not much to say apart that you can modify the current rating in the options menu and save your own. Attributes represent 80% of the rating and CA 20% Right and left foot are considered as key attributes (x200) Send your feedback if you think
it's good or not.

Download new version here.

*edit: for those who have a problem with the search panel error i uploaded a new exe here. It doesn't fix the problem, i just removed the line that disable the form, but at least maybe the players database will be working. Still need more work.

08/03: Working on 1.5

Before starting to work on the search panel i wanted to code the rating function so i could implement it directly to the search panel and also because i knew it would be time consuming and a big headache to choose a weight for each attribute of each position.

Basically i chose a rating from 0 to 100 and 200 for the key attributes like finishing, off the ball, ... for a striker for example. I think it's pretty accurate for both rating and potential rating and i am impatient to implement it to the search panel to see if it's easier to find the future Stars.

01/03: Uploaded a new Version

- Fixed an old bug in the search panel where you got an error message and the columns didn't sort if a field was blank or contained weird characters.

If you have this problem re-download mini Here and delete the old one.

29/02: Mini-SE 1.4 -> Smaller, Stronger!

Finally, work is done and there is much more news than i though! It made me sad to release just an updated 1.3 version so i finished the unfinished and added some little extras :)

However not much change in the search panel because i need to recode the way how it works. Actually the searching time can be huge depending on your database because mini scans FM memory each time and doesn't store anything. I need to load all datas in Mini once on startup and scan from there. So i will focus on that for the next upgrade.

For the Korean Version i will release a compatible version with the 8.2 only.
And for WSM i am still looking for a WSM copy. So i you have one, mail me.

What's new in 1.4?

Main Panel:
- A new field inform you if the player is EU or not.
- The buttons are replaced by a menu.
- The window bar is replaced by a custom one making the interface smaller.
- There is no more save button. The value changed is now directly saved once the field lost focus by pressing enter, tab or clicking an other field.
- There is no more Warning Popup to confirm save.
- You can Hide/Show certain fields in the options.

Attributes Panel:
- You can now edit all fields.
- You can order attributes in the options to match either training or profile ingame screen.
- You can lock all attributes of the current player to compare with another player. In that case Mini shows you which attributes are higher or lower.
- Once locked you can activate the difference button thus showing the numeric difference between the two players attributes.
- The star buttons permits to change all attributes, ca and pa in one click by the values you specified.
- You can NOT edit attributes if the lock button is on.

- You can now edit the colours notes, the difference colours and background colours in the options.
- You can choose to deactivate the colours when locked in the options.
- You can choose to deactivate the colours when difference in the options.

Positions Panel:
This new panel shows you the positions of the player and is feet.
- You can edit all positions and feet by clicking on the pictures.
- You can change all the positions in one click with the preset buttons.
- The lock button also lock positions
- You can NOT edit positions if the lock button is on.

Search Panel:
- You can filter players by EU eligibility
- You can show/hide columns in the options menu

Options panel:
- The options are now saved in a config file located in the same directory as mini and named "application".config
- If the config file is missing mini will create a default one.
- The "Reset all" button reset all options to default and restart the application.