The Workshop

The present Workshop on Marine woodborers, awarded and supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF Exploratory Workshops), is a small, interactive output-oriented discussion meeting aimed at opening up new directions in Marine Woodborer research in Europe. The relatively small number of people involved is functional for focusing on the topic and for all participants to contribute to discussions and plan follow-up collaborative work.

The marine woodborers are a threat to maritime structure and archaeological heritage. Recently, an increase in attack and a northward spread has been reported. Despite the ecological, economical and cultural importance, research on this subject is carried out by few scientists scattered across Europe. An interdisciplinary approach is needed to reach a synthesis of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the causal factors. The main outcomes of the workshop is the establishment of a research network aiming to coordinate scientists with an European perspective and a global view. Through the establishment of such a network, new theoretical and technical developments could be achieved.