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For the Hubert H. Humphrey Democratic Club

Dear Hubert Humphrey Dem Club Members,
As previously announced, we will hold our ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY on Monday, December 18 at Liberty Park located at 19211 Studebaker Road, in Cerritos (just south of the Cerritos Auto Square; click address for map) at 6pm.
Both Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and our newly elected Assemblymember Tony Mendoza will be our guests.
We now have more details:
Food:  Italian AND Mexican
Cost: $10 if RSVP is received prior to December 14, or $12 at the door.
Please mail RSVP checks to 13657 Beach Street, Cerritos 90703.
Alon Barlevy, President HHHDC
 Dear Democrats.
Over the past few months 56th ADDC Chair, Charlie Ara and I have been investigating the rumors of the losing Democratic primary candidate Rick Ramirez endorsing the Republican candidate Grace Hu in this upcoming November election against our Democratic Candidate, Tony Mendoza.
This became an issue of concern given that Rick Ramirez is a member of the 56th ADDC and a member of the Democratic State Central Committee. As a member, to endorse any candidate of any other party against a Democrat is a violation of our bylaws and grounds for removal.
After sending a written inquiry, Mr. Ara received a written statement from Mr. Ramirez in September that this endorsement of Hu was indeed a misunderstanding and will be corrected. At that time his name was removed from Hu's website as a listed endorsee. As we thought the situation was corrected, Mr. Ara and I did not take any further action on this matter.
Since then, Mr. Ramirez name has appeared on Hu's financial documents, Hu's campaign literature and more recently this week in a local newspaper advertisement with Mr. Ramirez pictured with Hu publicly endorsing her.
The actions of Mr. Ramirez will not be tolerated. In September, we gave him the opportunity to explain himself and/or resign his position in a quiet manner. We trusted his word that it was a misunderstanding, yet now he must be held accountable for his actions. There is no doubt that Mr. Ramirez is endorsing Republican Grace Hu given all of the evidence. Ms. Hu is even quoted publicly in the newspaper that Mr. Ramirez has endorsed her campaign.
A couple of days ago, the 56th ADDC Chair contacted Mr. Ramirez one final time via email stating his actions are grounds for removal. In reply, Mr. Ramirez gave his written statement of resignation from the 56th ADDC and the DSCC.
Again, I must emphasize the seriousness of this matter. At no time will the Democratic Party tolerate such defiance from it's members. There is a difference between being a registered Democrat and being a member of the Democratic party at its various levels, which comes with a set of responsibilities. Mr. Ramirez should be ashamed of his actions given that he ran for partisan office and had some support of registered Democrats in the 56th district.
Currently Mr. Ramirez serves in a nonpartisan elected position as a council member in the city of Norwalk. I hope that we remember this situation if he should ever seek the support of the Democratic Party.
Louis R. Reyes
Director, Region 15
California Democratic Party


Hello HHDC members,

We only have a few days left before the November 7 elections, and Tony needs volunteers for walking and talking on those phones.

Please drop by the office or call us at 562-924-9092.

The campaign office is located at 17501 Pioneer Boulevard across the street from McDonalds in the Ramona Inn lot. We're on the second floor-Suite 223--and there is an elevator in the Ramona Inn. Be sure to use your cell to call us when you arrive, and we'll escort you to the office. It's hard to find after you get out of the elevator!

Hours are 1:00 to 8:00 Monday through Thursdays and 10:00 to 4:00 on Saturdays, and 2:00 to 6:00 on Sundays.

Please call first to be sure that the office is open. Sometimes, we may be sending all of the volunteers out to walk for a short time before returning to the phone banks.

Alon is also planning to make personal phone calls to some of you to encourage you to volunteer for Tony in these last few days. Don't forget--it works if you work it, and it won't if you don't!

 Thank you, Larry Caballero


HHHDC President Emeritus Charlie Ara recommends Kick The Bums Out found at Tools For Fighting Back.
 Dear Hubert Humphrey Dem Club Members,
Last Monday we had a very lively meeting where we discussed endorsements of candidates and ballot measures. While there is no way to capture on a web page the energy that was in the room, I did summarize the results in the page below.
Please share that with all your friends and family.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear Members of the Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club,
The September 14 Cerritos City Council meeting was a great excercise in Democracy and the power of the people.
The public portion was quite a storm. The storm began with one resident complaining about racial profiling by Cerritos Sheriff Deputies and the multiple times he has been stopped. This followd by one of our members, Mona Hawkins, sponaneously taking the podium to share her sons experience. This is certainly an important issue that we will have to start monitoring.
And then of course, there was the continuation of the Grace Hu matter. I was so proud of our team for both its composition and its professionalism. While Hu brought people who are (or have been) on her payroll to the council meeting, our group was composed of ordinary citizens who are simply concerned with the state of the city. The majority of the speakers on our side were not even members of the Hubert Humphrey Club, and I've never met them before.
While Hu's supporters acted like henchmen, heckling me as I was giving my presentations (to the point that the Mayor had to interrupt my speech to ask the audience to show some respect), our team never strayed from the issue and never made it personal (the heckling is not heard in the video).
I found two things intriguing about the makeup of the Hu team.
  • It did not include Sally Havice. I do not know if it is because Ms. Havice has come to the light, or because she had a scheduling conflict, or heaven forbid has fallen ill. I can only hope that it is for the first reason, and not the last.
  • Grace Hu herself attended and spoke at the meeting. I was surprised by that, because if she believes it is nothing more than a partisan political attack, she should stay "above the fray". Also, anything she says can be used against her, both legally and politically, which may explain why she read a carefully worded statement.
The Result: Gloria Kappe bravely made the motion to put the issue on the agenda after the November 7 election. After some hesitation to see who will second the motion, Laura Lee seconded the motion. To become an agenda item, we needed a third. Mayor Paul Bowlen spoke and initially appeared to be going down a path against the motion, but then made a U-turn, and supported the motion, citing the delay until after the election -- meaning that Kappe's insertion of the delay into the motion was a very shrewd move on her part.
I have created a shortcut for the video of the meeting: Please click on to view the video. For your convenience, here are milestones of the meeting:
  • 8 minutes 44 seconds: beginning of racial profiling complaint
  • 16 minutes 35 seconds: beginning of the Grace Hu debate
  • 43 minutes 13 seconds: Commissioner and former Mayor Grace Hu responds
  • 46 minutes 18 seconds: Councilmember Gloria Kappe makes the motion
  • 47 minutes 22 seconds: Mayor Pro Tem Laura Lee seconds
  • 50 minutes 24 seconds: Mayor Paul Bowlen thirds
Finally, you will see in the presentations that one of the henchmen on Grace Hu's team decided to read to the city council my previous letter to you. I can only hope and pray that he will continue to spread our word.
P.S. I have updated our web site at to include letters responding to Sally Havice's charge of partisan politics in last week's paper, as well as a letter I wrote in response to an individual who complained in last week's Los Cerritos Community News that Cerritos is "too ethnically diverse".
P.P.S. Hats off to the Los Cerritos Community News for publishing Keith Olberman's statement on how the Republicans are politicizing September 11. I did not put it on our web site, because it already exists at, and here is a link
Dear Hubert Humphrey Democrats,
Last Thursday, August 24, I went to the Cerritos City Council meeting and urged the council to remove Grace Hu from her appointment on the city's Economic Development Commission. You can view my presentation to city council by clicking on the link and fast forward 10 minutes and 45 seconds.
Ms. Hu is a former member of the Cerritos City Council. While on council, she did something that is completely forbidden:
Grace Hu voted for a senior housing project which benefitted her financially. She reached a plea bargain with the California Department of Corporations in which she agreed to pay a $40,000 fine and relinquish control of her company for one year. Details of her corruption along with the plea bargain agreement can be found at (which I found by entering Grace Hu in Google, and that was the first link that came up).
The Cerritos City Council has a tradition of not opposing any of its members' appointments, so even though they privately may want to remove Grace Hu, they are very hesitant to do that. We therefore need more people to come up to the next city council and demand that Cerritos will not condone corruption, and remove Grace Hu from her appointment. It is much easier for the city council to ignore one person than 10 or 20 people.
Therefore, all members (especially wanted are those who live in Cerritos) are hereby requested to attend the September 14 meeting of the Cerritos City Council at 7PM at the Cerritos Civic Center (18125 Bloomfield Avenue, on the corner of 183rd Street).
Please come on September 14 (and preferably let me know in advance) and tell the Cerritos City Council that corruption cannot be tolerated.
 Dear Hubert Humphrey Club Members,
 This Saturday (October 7) for the second year in a row, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez will be coming to Norma and Alan Williamson's Open House. Alan and Norma have a 100% energy efficient home. On sunny days, they generate more electricity than they use, so they wind up SELLING their electricity back to Southern California Edison, which comes in the form of a credit for days in which the sun does not shine.
Details on the Open House can be found in the attached flyer. The flyer was created before the Congresswoman was able to commit, but rest assured she will be there, as she is promoting the event on her web site at
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Lucy and Joseph Cho Foundation cordially invites you to The Scholarship Award Ceremony Sunday, September 10, at 6:30 The Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts Sierra Room 12700 Center Court Drive Cerritos, CA 90703 RSVP to:


Please Join

Assembly Member

Rudy Bermúdez

56th Assembly District

at the 4th Annual Labor Luau

Community Picnic

Sunday, September 10, 2006

 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Heritage Park

12100 Mora Drive

Santa Fe Springs, CA


For more information

 and to RSVP, please

call (562) 864-5600


Below is information about an upcoming documentary shared with us by our Hospitality Chair, Beverly Porter.
 American Blackout, documentary that addresses the recurring patterns of minority disenfranchisement witnessed in the 2000 and 2004 elections.  It has won several awards; Winner of Special Jury Prize 2006 Sundance Film Festival.
Friday, September 8th at 7:30 PM
Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15 Theater
4020 Marlton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90008


* Major Announcement *

Next club meeting (August 21, 2006) will be at the Cerritos Library [click for map] instead of Coco's Restaurant and include the showing of a new movie:

What: A movie "The Big Buy: Tom Delay's Stolen Congress"
When: Monday August 21st, 2006 / Refreshments @ 6:30 p.m. / Movie @ 7:00 p.m.
Where: Cerritos Library Skyline Room - 3rd floor - 18125 South Bloomfield Ave. (just N. of the intersection of Bloomfield and 183rd St., northwest corner)
Cost:  $5.00 donation (but nobody will be turned away).

** SPECIAL GUEST: Congresswoman Linda Sanchez **

There will be a discussion at the end of the movie so please plan to stay awhile afterwards and be a part of it.

More information about this event:

Alon Barlevy, President