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My reasoning for this site: I was given my grandmother's unique, and rather substantial, collection of scrap books many years ago. At the time I saw no use for them and left them in the boxes and tucked them away in the back of the closet. I didn't know else to do with them and I certainly had no use for them. There they sat year after year, this odd, useless gift, gathering dust. After the passing of my father in 2000 I felt this void in my life and I started doing a little family research in attempts to fill it. It seemed the more I found out the more I wanted to know. Everything was rolling along smootly until I hit that infamous "brick wall" that so many researchers often find. I have tried every way possible to get around, over, under or through it. No luck what so ever. I needed a break to clear my head and be able to take a fresh look at everything. In doing so I cleaned out the closet that held my grandmothers precious collection, and it struck me that these were not mere piece of paper from years gone by, but information that could hold the key to someone elses "wall". So here I sit with these boxes of history at my feet. I began looking through the books, and noticed that often on the reverse side of the article my grandmother clipped out there was much more information. She saved twice the amount of history and she never realized it. So this is my attempt to share all of this information with my fellow researchers. If it helps even one of you through your "Wall" then I would say this site served its purpose. Happy Hunting.
Grandma didn't always include the name of the newspaper, or even the dates on many of the articles, but I will give credit to any and all newspapers, and authors as I have them.
Ionia Articles, obituaries, editorials were clipped from the Ionia Sentinel Standard once known as Daily Sentinel.