Zope Instance Monitor 

ZopeMon is a GNOME applet to manage multiple Zope instances on your filesystem, created using the mkzopeinstance.py utility. 

Essentially, it is a frontend to the zopectl utility for each Zope instance - but provides the convenience of having a list of all your Zope instances available to you, with the ability to start or stop any one of them from a click of a button.




August 5, 2007 - ZopeMon 0.2 Released

  • Reorganized context menu
  • Extracts port information from zope.conf for each instance to add a "Manage..." button

August 4, 2007 - ZopeMon 0.1 Released

  • Initial release 


Future features will include a frontend to mkzopeinstance.py - the ability to create Zope instances from a GUI.



Get it here, available as a .deb package.


Please send bugs, comments, and suggestions to mweichert@gmail.com