2020 Speaker Series Overview

9:00am – The College Admissions Game:  How to Play It

Speaker:      Larry Dannenberg, College Solutions


When it comes to college admissions, some things are out of your control. Others are well within your control. Learn how admissions offices make decisions, how each college thinks and works differently, and what you can do to increase your chances of getting into the college you want to attend. Many colleges consider 25 to 80 variables when choosing a student to be part of their freshman class. We will help you understand the process from the admissions side of things so that you can position yourself as the most attractive and polished candidate you can be.


9:35am  - Standardized Testing Strategies:  ACT, SAT or Both?

Speakers:    Rick Saia, The Princeton Review

                    Jason Breitkopf, Livius Premier Tutoring & Test Prep

The Princeton Review and Livius Tutoring & Test Prep welcomes you to attend our session on Standardized Testing Strategies - -  “ACT, SAT or Both”. This presentation discusses the format of the SAT and the ACT along with their similarities and differences. It also provides test-taking strategies, and test preparation advice. Parents and students welcome!

10:10am - Financial Aid: Strategies and Opportunities

Speaker:      Stan Ezekiel, College Planning Group


When it comes to the topic of financial aid for college, many families just don't know where to begin.  There are many rules that families must understand in order to maximize their financial aid eligibility.  Come to this session to help navigate your way towards maximizing your opportunities for financial aid.


10:45am - Taking the Stress Out of the Admissions Process

Speaker:       Sharon MacDonald, All About U College Consulting


The college search process is a time of great growth and excitement for high school

students and parents – unfortunately it can also be a time of stress and tension.This

workshop will give families practical strategies on how to approach the process in a way

that will minimize stress and leave students feeling empowered, in-control and confident

as they begin the process.


11:20am - Standardized Testing Simplified:  Demystifying the SAT and ACT   

Speaker:     Cierra Hendersen - Studio Ampersand


For many parents and students, the standardized test process is just one more item on their to-do list for colleges and, as with everything else in the college application process, there is more than enough information to sift through when it comes to understanding the SAT and ACT. Knowing which test is right for your student and the timeline to prepare are the most important topics to review when it comes to standardized testing.   This presentation will focus on simplifying the process by comparing the two tests and the providing the step-by-step process for choosing the correct test and feeling fully prepared and confident on test day.