Stay Tuned for the 2019 Speaker Series Schedule!

2018 Speaker Series Schedule

There will be experts on college admissions and financing, giving brief talks to students and parents at the 2018 MetroWest College and Career Fair.  

9:00am – The Admissions Game: How to Play It

Speaker:  Larry Dannenberg - College Solutions

When it comes to college admissions, some things are out of your control. Others are well within your control. Learn how admissions offices make decisions, how each college thinks and works differently, and what you can do to increase your chances of getting into the college you want to attend. Many colleges consider 25 to 80 variables when choosing a student to be part of their freshman class. We will help you understand the process from the admissions side of things so that you can position yourself as the most attractive and polished candidate you can be.


9:30am  - Test Prep and Admission Strategies for Students with Learning Challenges

Speakers:  Alexis Avila – Prepped and Polished;  Linda Katz – Right Fit College Coaching


This session will offer study tips and test prep strategies for high school students who have learning disabilities or other special needs. Mr. Avila will focus on students ultimately gearing up for standardized tests such as the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and the ACT. You will learn about: Different studying methods, helping your child feel confident and test-ready, and tips on how to help your student improve their overall test scores.  Ms. Katz will share the three levels of academic support offered at college for students with learning differences, what documentation is needed to receive accommodations at college, and whether to disclose learning differences during the admissions process.


10:00am  - Creating Your College List: Tips for Keeping it Realistic and Affordable

Speakers:  Julia Jones and Robyn Stewart – College Coach


With close to 4,000 options for college in the U.S., choosing where to apply for college can be overwhelming. Where do you even start, and how do you know if you’re on the right track? Should affordability be a factor?  The goal of this session is to help families understand how to create a college list that is both a strong academic and financial fit.  Creating a well-structured list is the first step in maximizing scholarship dollars !!  In this session, families will learn:


·  How to use their student’s academics, activities & extras to create the strongest college list possible

·  How to match their children with the colleges that are the best fits academically and financially


10:30am -  Standardized Testing:  ACT, SAT or Both ?

Speaker:  Charlotte Chase, The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review welcomes you to attend our “ACT, SAT or Both” lecture. This presentation discusses the format of the SAT and the ACT along with their similarities and differences. It also provides test-taking strategies, and test preparation advice. Parents and students welcome


11:00am - Differentiate Yourself from your Peers

Speaker:  Mark Altman – MindsetGo

Colleges and employers expect applicants to articulate the knowledge and skills they have acquired inside and outside the classroom. Without the ability to clearly and powerfully convey what sets them apart, a student’s personal story and unique qualities become less impactful and marketable.  Alleviate uncertainty by helping your children achieve clarity through exploring various career paths and personal interests. Students develop a new set of skills they can highlight on a resume or college application and walk onto campus or the next phase of their life with courage and conviction.

11:30am - Financial Aid: Ways to reduce the Cost of College

Speaker:  Gregg Cohen – Campus Bound


With the 4 year costs of private colleges approaching $280,000 and in-state public universities at $120,000, it is easy to see the large impact that this has on a family’s financial well being.    Regardless of income or savings, there are seven fundamental concepts to consider that can help reduce the exorbitant cost of college.     Join us for this presentation where you will hear valuable insights on:

  • How the financial aid system really works and how to maximize the aid received
  • Targeting achievable merit scholarships
  • The financial aid application requirements
  • How colleges vary in their financial aid policies and how families can plan for it
  • Avoiding costly pitfalls when paying the college tuition bills

12:00pm –  Making the Most of your Admissions Process:  Do it Right !!


Speaker Panel: 

Large School Rep:  University of Delaware

Small School Rep:  Newbury College

Outside College Advisor:   Eric Stutman, Top Choice College Consulting



Many families spend time focusing on the right college fit, financing and how to achieve good test scores - - all of which are important elements of the college admissions process.  But colleges also make decisions based on factors you may not be thinking about!  In this session you will learn additional elements that you can control to stand out and improve your chances for admission, including The Campus Visit, “Demonstrated Interest”, The Common App and College Essay Topics (the Good and the Bad).