2019 Speaker Series Schedule

There will be experts on college admissions and financing, giving brief talks to students and parents at the 2019 MetroWest College and Career Fair.  

9:00am – Making The Most of the Admissions Process:  Tips and Strategies

Speakers: Alexis Avila, Prepped and Polished;   Eric Stutman, Top Choice College Consulting


When it comes to college admissions, some things are out of your control. Others are well within your control. Learn how admissions offices make decisions, how each college thinks and works differently, and what you can do to increase your chances of getting into the college you want to attend. Many colleges consider 25 to 80 variables when choosing a student to be part of their freshman class. We will help you understand the process from the admissions side of things so that you can position yourself as the most attractive and polished candidate you can be.


9:35am - Financial Aid: Strategies and Opportunities

Speaker:  Stan Ezekiel, College Planning Group

When it comes to the topic of financial aid for college, many families just don't know where to begin.  There are many rules that families must understand in order to maximize their financial aid eligibility.  Come to this session to help navigate your way towards maximizing your opportunities for financial aid.


10:10am  - Creating Your College List: Tips for Keeping it Realistic

Speaker:  Julia Jones, College Coach


With close to 4,000 options for college in the U.S., choosing which colleges to apply to can be overwhelming. Where do you even start, and how do you know if you’re on the right track?

The goal of this session is to help families understand how to create a well-balanced college list. Families will learn how to utilize their children’s academics, activities and extras to put together the strongest college list possible.



10:45am -  Standardized Testing Strategies:  ACT, SAT or Both?

Speakers: Rick Saia, The Princeton Review; Jason Breitkopf, Livius Premier Tutoring & Test Prep

The Princeton Review and Livius Tutoring & Test Prep welcomes you to attend our session on Standardized Testing Strategies - -  “ACT, SAT or Both”. This presentation discusses the format of the SAT and the ACT along with their similarities and differences. It also provides test-taking strategies, and test preparation advice. Parents and students welcome!

11:20am - Specialized Admission Considerations:  Athletics and The Arts

Speakers:     Nadine Abigaña - Associate Director of College Counseling, Walnut Hill School for the Arts; Jay Weiss, The David G. Bunning ’88 Head Coach for Harvard Wrestling


Admissions strategies can differ when considering specialty areas of interest.   How do you know which path to take, how to prepare for, and which strategies to follow to maximize your opportunities within the fields of athletics or the arts?  Join our special guest speakers and gain valuable insights from their years of experience working with students in both of these areas.