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Join the MiWCA listserve

The MiWCA listserve is the primary communication tool for writing centers in the state of Michigan. If you would like to be part of the listserve, please email Dr. Dianna Baldwin (baldw145@msu.edu).

Instructions for Subscribing to and Using miwcs


To subscribe

  1. Mail a message to listserv@msu.edu
  2. In the subject of your message, type: subscribe miwcs
  3. In the message content, type: subscribe miwcs your first name your last name
  4. You will receive a reply letting you know that you have been added to the list. Once you have been added, you can send messages to the listserve address: miwcs@list.msu.edu

Please note that messages will go to all of the subscribers of the list. If you want messages to go to a particular person, send them to his or her individual e-mail address. See the Membership Directory link for members’ individual e-mail addresses.


You will be sent a message explaining some of the functions that enable you to control your relationship with the listserve once you have been subscribed. These functions will allow you to sign off, set the listserve to receive no mail, get help, digest mail, and review the list of subscribers. Some of the commands you may find particularly useful are described below.


To initiate any of these commands, send the command as an e-mail message to: listserv@msu.edu. Simply type the command as the content of the message (one command per line if you use more than one).



This will sign you off the list. Alternately, you can send a request to be removed from the list via the Contact Us link on this site.


SET miwcs NOMail

Keeps you on the list, but you won’t get any mail from the list. To return to a “receive mail status,” reissue the command with “Mail” instead of “NOMail.”



Sends you a brief description of the most useful commands. To get a comprehensive list, use the command INFO REFCARD.



Puts all of the individual messages from other users of this list into a digest which will appear as one mail message in the menu of mail messages you have when you enter the mail system. This is as opposed to the default, where all messages sent by the list users will appear as individual messages in your mail menu (to see the benefits of DIGEST, subscribe to a very busy list and leave town for a couple weeks!). The entire contents of the digest can be deleted at once if necessary.


REVIEW miwcs

Gives a list of all subscribers to miwcs and their e-mail addresses.


For more help with listserve functions, use the Contact Us link on the website miwritingcenters.org or e-mail the list manager, Janet Swenson (jswenson@msu.edu), at the Michigan State University Writing Center.