Updates on of some of our past babies!!


You can visit my guest book for testimonials. Please sign it if you have purchaed one of my babies and let us know how they are doing!!!! Pictures would be GREATLY appreciated!

Here is how some of our babies are doing so far:

Rumor has it that "Newmie," one of our male yellow-sided babies sold on Feb 2, 2008,  is very happy in his new home and he is very attached to his new daddy! Apparently, according to my pet food distributor...he's quite the spoiled little guy! I am thrilled! Congrats. to Shannon and Adam. I hope you are enjoying your new baby!!!



On Feb. 15, 2008, our 2nd male baby yellow-sided conure, "Pablo" went to his new home. Here's best wishes to Sharon on her new addition!!!

 Here is Pablo in his new home...looking very happy and healthy!!!!



Congratulations to Russ and And Robin who purchased one of our little green parrotlets on Feb. 24, 2008! "Jimmy" has gone to his new home now! We wish him and his new flock all the love and happiness possible!!

Here's Jimmy in his plentiful abode with his new family!! Jimmy is even TALKING now!! Great Job Robin! He IS a 'pretty, pretty boy'!!



Congratulations to David and Barbara Aldcroft!! They purchased our remaining green baby pacific parrotlet that was born in Oct. 2007. He went to his new abode on March 2, 2008. We are super thrilled with his new mum and dad and look forward to hearing about their new adventures as they bond as a family!! All our best wishes Barbara and David  to you both and your little new guy. May you have many many years of love and enjoyment with him!

Jack Aldcroft in his new home!!!


Congratulations to TJ and her husband Richard, who purchased my latest female baby green pacific parrotlet on March 31, 2008. We know she has gone to a wonderful and loving home!!! "Nia" has a lot to look forward to with two very excited parents!!!

(We'll post pictures from her mum and dad once she has settled in her new home)



Congratulations to Tracy Sinclair and her son, who picked up their six week old little boy on Saturday, May 17, 2008! This little boy, one of Toby and Tucker's babies, has gone to a SUPER loving home and I am sure he will be thrilled with his new family!!! Stay tuned for updated photos!!!



Congratulations once again to Robin and Russ Liplop who have purchased Charlie, a 9 month old blue male parrotlet and former cage mate of their first parrotlet Jimmy! He went to his new home on April 5th, 2008. We know their little flock will be happy and very much loved! We are looking forward to adding photos once he has settled in!!



 Our latest male yellow-sided conure has found both a new loving home and a new leading lady on July 6, 2008! Dolores Boucher from Quebec recently purchased our little male who made his journey with a new little female from Angie at Angie's Imps! We hope they will both be very happy in their new homes and have some beautiful babies together in the future!


Gus, a 3-4 year old spectacled parrotlet has found his new forever home on July 17, 2008 with his new mum Pam! Poor little guy has never had any real one on one attention and is very shy, but seemed to be right at home shortly after meeting his new mum! By the next day, he was coming to get seeds from her hand and Pam's son Zack's hand. Great job guys! Sounds like Gus will be very happy with his new loving family! We are very thankful he has you!


Our last baby from our latest clutch, our little female, went to her new home with her new mommy, Susan Wallace, on July 17th 2008. This lil' gal has been named "Josie" and she seemed as taken with Susan as Susan was with her! We couldn't be happier for the both of them. All our best wishes!!


Congratulations to Kathryn McCleary from St. Catherines. She picked up her new baby "Gracie" on Set. 7, 2008! Gracie was one of three babies from our beautiful yellow-sided pair and all three babies were girls!!! Kathryn has been waiting since Gracie was three weeks old to meet her little one and the day finally arrived! What a treasure she is getting in this awesome and sweet little gal! All my best wishes to you Kathryn and your newest little girl! 

(Here is Gracie in her new home!)


Congratulations to Enna Taylor of St. John's, Newfoundland! Enna's new addition, Skittles, flew home to her on Sept. 19th, 2008! She was the sister of Gracie and is now living in a loving home with lots of buddies and family members to love her! Enna too has been waiting since Skittles was just hatched for her new baby to arrive home and now she is there, safe and sound! All our best wishes to you Enna and Skittles!

(Here she is trying to figure out just who that other bird is that she is looking at, with her new human sister Allison watching her!)


We have another new baby who has gone to his forever home! Congratulations to Julie Perry and their new little green cheek baby boy, Bart! he went home last week and we anxiously await some new photos of him! Apparently he is quite content as he is eating like a little piggy! All our best wishes to you guys!


Congratulations to Amanda and Mariah LaBelle who just picked up their little green cheek Male on Nov. 11, 2008. Their little guy will eventually be making his was to their mothers home for Christmas, but he will be in Amanda's care until then. Congratulations to you all and I hope you have years of fun and love with your new little one!

Here he is with Lola (ys) Amanda's baby! Lola has taken on the role of mum!


Nov. 08 -We are very pleased to announce that one of our yellowsided babies..."Pixie" has gone to her new forever home with Antoinette Burrella and her husband and two kids. We anxiously await an update as well as photos from them! Congrats Burrella family!


 Congratulations to Stephanie Geisler, of Langley, BC who has just received her little female yellowsided conure from our latest clutch today, Nov. 29, 2008! This sweet little gal has a new boyfriend already!!! All our best wishes to Stephanie and her new baby girl!!


Our last little male from our latest yellowsided clutch also went home today, Nov. 29, 2008, near Guelph, ON! Congratulations to Marlene, her husband Alex, and their kids who have promptly named this awesome and pretty little guy "Waldo"! We are so happy Waldo has found a loving and wonderful forever home that he will share with the family's cockatiel, Charlie and lovebird, Bella! All our best!


Congratulations to Lenny and Isabel Lotta from Woodbridge who took home their sweet little girl, Luna, Dec. 8th, 08. Luna is a yellowsided female and was the last of her clutch to go home! She has a terrific and outgoing personality and we are sure she will be spoiled rotten by her new family! All our best to the Lotta family and their little Luna!


Huge congratulations to Deborah Coggles, Vancouver, B.C. who recently recieved 2 babies from our aviary who will be future breeders! She also purchased four other birds from Angie's Imps and Precious Feathers Aviary! All our very best wishes and tons of love and luck to her as she embarks on this wonderful journey of breeding green cheek mutations!


On Saturday, January 23, 2009, Callie went to her forever home with her new mommy Janna Joseph! Callie is a beautiful little female cinnamon conure, the first bred in our aviary! All the best wishes to Janna and her new little girl!!


Congrats to Sonja de Zeeuw of Calgary, who just received her two baby boys from us (the SUPER red one on my site) along with two pretty males from Angies Imps! She will be breeding these wonderful boys to some precious girls of her own in the future! All our best wishes to you Sonja!!! Keep us posted!

(Here he is with our cinnamon female prior to shipping him to calgary)


Michael Sacher and his family, of Montreal, just welcomed a new baby girl they have named Zoe! (February 15th, 2009) Zoe came from this same clutch as the two boys that went to Calgary! She even had her first vet visit and it went super well! All our besh wishes to you Zoe and your new forever family!!


 Congratulations to Colin and Stephanie on their new little boy which they picked up on Wednesday, April 9, 09! Here's to many many years of happiness and love with your new little guy!!!


Big congratulations to Margaret and Hannah, who also picked up their little girl, Rosie, Thursday, Apr. 10, 09. They have been waiting for their baby since she was born and were very excited to pick her up! Good luck with your new little girl and always keep us posted! We'd love to hear how she does with her new family!