Welcome our new Baby Boy!!

We welcomed Roscoe, our 15 week old Congo African Grey, to our home. He flew in from Vancouver at 13 weeks and has settled in so nicely!

Roscose was born to a breeder in Vancouver and sold to a dear friend of mine as a young, WEANED baby. She got Roscoe home and within no time, she realized this weaned baby was anything but! She contacted the breeder and explained what was happening and the breeder told her... DO NOT feed this poor crying baby! The breeder said that Roscoe was weaned at 8 weeks old and that my friend must be doing something wrong. EIGHT WEEKS???? For an African Grey..congo at that! They are not to be weaned for 4-5 months of age in most cases!
My friend realized that this baby was going to require serious attention, that which she could not give as she works and started a new business as well!
I jumped at the opportunity to raise this little darling... and he is the first and only pet bird I have had in many years.
Roscoe arrived after a very long flight from Vancouver...My friend had done an awesome job making sure he had plenty of food for his long adventure to this new place at such a young age!
Roscoe was crying for food and I immediately started him back on handfeedings. He took the first one from me with such vigor...and from there I started three times a day, giving him 70-100 ccs per feeding.
His personality shined right from the moment I met him! He properly stepped out of his crate and proceeded to cry for food...but he does it with whistles!!
Stay tuned for part two  :)
Part Two
Roscoe has been with us for a few weeks now, and has settled right in as part of our flock. He is still on handfeeding, usually three times a day. He has definitely shown he is 100% grey! He and my hubby have a love hate relationship...having promtly drawn blood already, at feeding time. He does however, love the ladies...giving kisses to myself and my daughter.
He has begun to gain weight and has been now moved into a full size cage. He has got his stability (well...as much as a grey can have...anyone who owns one knows they can be quite clumsy). He is climbing everywhere now, and finds it humerous to come out and go visit his next door neighbor, Spedy, a 2 year old parrotlet. Sitting atop his cage and promptly pooping above him, Spedy isnt thrilled.
He has also found that the curtains next to his cage can be quite attractive. We had a bit of an arguement today over his lack of desire to listen and leave them alone.
Loaded with tons of interactive and chewable toys, Roscoe is not lacking for things to do. However, we have found his favorite toy of choice appears to be newspaper!
I have lined his tray with it, to catch any food or dropping he may have from his perch. But he has decided it's MUCH more fun to sit and shred the paper, bit by bit and watch it as it falls to the floor. When he is not dropping it on the floor, he is putting it in his water bowl.
I have yet to figure out the fascination behind it but it is quite humerous to watch! Stay tuned for updates in part three!
Part Three
April 9, 2010
Well Roscoe is developing quite nicely! He is now weaned..and did it all by himself! :)
His vocabulary is beginning to develop, tho I still dont believe he knows what he is saying yet. As he sits and goes through his reportoire of words and sounds, he can say hello, roscoe, rocko, whatcha doing, and no! Lol. We are in trouble when he figures out the right time to use that word!
He is full of different whistles and sounds, and can now growl like our puppy when he is wanting attention.
He also does the typical grey growl when he is angry or annoyed with a toy. And he loves to sit on a very low rope perch and spin around it. Laying on his back, attacking a toy seems to be a favorite position as well.
He and my husband have yet to work out their differences. Roscoe seems to take great pleasure at trying to intimidate him. He lowers his voice deeply, fluffs up as big as he can get, and then puts his head down for skritches...lol.
He has taken great delight in destroying several toys already that we have gotten from his original owner, Deborah, who owns Bratty Beaks Toys in Vancouver, BC. We purchase all of his toys from her and he absolutely loves them...so much so, that several in particular disappear within a few days of receiving them.
We bought him a huge, 4 1/2 foot tall play gym, with ladders and platforms and he loves going from his cage to the gym and climbing everywhere he can.
What a joy he is and what a ton of laughter he gives me...ahhh the pleasures of owning a grey!
Part Four
June 5, 2010
Well, Roscoe is now about 7-8 months old and is doing just wonderful! He is such a joyous addition to the flock here. He is very social and his vocabulary is really developing!
He has picked up the sounds of not just one of our dogs, but three of them...so he will sit and bark and it sounds like a little pack of them! Its really hard when you are trying to get the dogs themselves to be quiet and he keeps barking...they keep going! Lol.
His whistles continue to improve and his actual vocabulary is increasing daily. Its so cute to watch.
I like watching him interact with people and he just loves to sit outside and watch/listen to all that is going on around him. He is SLOWLY trying different fruits, veggies and the like. He is a very stubborn bird (oh yeah, I forgot..he's a GREY! lol!)
I wouldn't train him for the world though. Every day is a new adventure with him and he makes me feel loved every time I look at him!