Our Policies

Here at Heaven's Lil' Darlings Aviary, our one and only concern is our birds. So our policies are strong and final.
Our birds are fed a high maintenance, fully nutritious formula while handfeeding, and is then weaned onto high quality pellet diet (Zupreem and Pretty Bird Gold) in conjunction with Hagen Gourmet Mix, along with introduction of a variety of fruits and vegetables, pastas, grains and breads. Our birds are NOT fed a seed diet. The seed they do get comes shelled in the Hagen Mix.
Our aviary has been tested against all four major diseases and viruses found in birds and it is clear and free of them. We are not taking in any new pairs at this time, but when we do, we do not take in any birds from unknown or unreputable breeder nor do we purchase them from a breeder who does not test their aviary.
It is our standard policy not to sell an unweaned baby, however, we have had an occassion or two where we have sold them to EXPERIENCED and reputable breeders. Pet birds sold will not be released to their new owners until they are fully weaned. We WILL NOT ship an unweaned baby to anyone!
When shipping our birds (via West Jet only), all crates are new, unless it is a specialty crate that we have to obtain (we occassionally have requests to ship large amounts of young or breeding birds where we have had to get crates from a friend).
Our aviary is a CLOSED one, meaning our breeder birds are off limits to the general public. We do not allow anyone in with them for safety and health reasons for both our birds and our visitors.
We ask a deposit on our birds, and the deposit is non-refundable should the buyer back out of the transaction. If I, as the breeder, am not able to fulfill the requested baby in our transaction, your deposit will be refunded upon request.
All of our babies are DNA tested at approx. 3 weeks of age, so their sex will be known early on. Your baby will come with its DNA certificate and this is included in the price of the bird.
We will not reduce our prices to ridiculously low prices. Not only is there a cost involved in raising babies, but the time spent breeding for quality and personality makes up for the cost. If the price is really low, then chances are the bird is coming from someone who mass breeds and needs to get rid of their birds. We do not ever need to "get rid" of ours. We sell them to good homes, good people and will keep them forever if they cant be sold at the market value price.
We do offer a health guarantee of 90 days and require that you have your bird seen by your vet within the first 10 days. Should death occur, it is required for a refund that a necropsy be performed and the result of the death recorded in a report and forwarded to me from the veterinarian, showing that the death is attributed to either our aviary or genetic defect. It is also required that the band of the bird accompany the report in order to verify the birds identity.
We have 13 years of experience working with parrots from rescue to breeding. I also have a great deal of avian medicine knowledge and I will do my best to answer any question you may have. If I can not answer your questions, I will get you the answers.
Our policies are non-negotiable so please dont ask us to change them.