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5 beautiful babies being hand fed

Pineapple Conures


Tequila and Sunny

(A cinnamon female and YS/Cinnamon Male)
 2 babies now being hand fed
Yellowsided Pair
Now on eggs
Now has five babies in the nest!
Now on eggs!
Cinnamon Splits
 Had one baby!!! We are keeping "Graham" as he is special...he was born May 28th. 

 Yellowsided-Green cheeked split pair

 5 babies now being handfed

Green Cheek Splits producing turquoise babies

Are now on fertile eggs!





Gold Capped Conures
Now on eggs

Blue & Gold Macaws

 Still trying! :)



We now have a proven female for our male Kiki. They have been given their nest box and they have started to chew at it. We will keep you posted on their progress!


These guys look like they may FINALLY be working a nest box...so stay tuned


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Unrelated pairs can be made through myself and Angie's Imps Aviary.

If interested, please email me.




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Please bear with us while we update our page ...after google moved our sites, our links no longer were working so we are having to redo those pages...one at a time.
Well this spring/summer has been a great success...with most of our 50 babies sold and several established pairs as well.
We have the following remaining:
2 female green cheek conures - $150 ea
2 female yellowsided conures - $275 ea
1 female pineapple conure - $350
Will sell the lot for $1100...thats a savings of $250! Great for a new aviary start up. We are also expecting a new clutch starting next week which could have any of the mutation colors.
These females are probably best suited as breeders as they have not been handled too much recently. However, they are still quite trainable if someone has the time.
All are healthy and happy babies. They have been weaned onto a mixture of pretty bird natural gold, hagen gourmet for small parrots, Hagen small parrot mix, zupreem fruit blend maintainence, and golden feast.
We do have several new babies that were just pulled for handfeeding, all females, including a normal green cheek and a pineapple. We have a new clutch of yellowsides that should begin hatching next week, and two clutches of babies that will be any of the four color mutations (we wont know until their feathers start popping :)
Shipping is available throughout Canada via WestJet airlines. Cost is $100 up to three birds, a bit more over that due to weight and crate size needed. Each shipment comes in a brand new wooden/wire mesh crate and is totally reusable.
Please email with any questions.
Our lil pineapple gal 
The youngest female greencheek
with her siblings and cousins :)
The Little yellowside Gal..such a sweetie.
We are pleased to announce we have our very first generation baby VISUAL BLUE CINNAMON GREEN CHEEK CONURE!!! She was born here to a young pair of split to blues. This was their first clutch so we are very pleased. We have purposely not introduced visual blues so we can start with our own. She also has been moved now into her own cage with her future mate. They have bonded nicely and we are really looking forward to their clutches in the future.
We are so proud of our lil' gal!! 
Our Cinnamon gal has been now paired with a split to blue male and hopefully next year we will have some more blues in our aviary!!
Unrelated pairs CAN be made, several which could produce ys split to cinn males as well as both ys and cinn females.
Can also make pairs to include pineapple females creating what I like to call rainbow pairs...they can create all four color mutations.
Email me for prices on pairs.

I created a link for a chart showing what all the color mutations are and what it takes to produce them, as well as outcomes of pairs so you can see what it is you need for what you want to produce....
For the first time in over a year, we finally have baby parrotlets. We have 4 little females ready to go!!!
Green Pacifics are $125 ea
Blues are $200 (none available at the moment)
Reserve your baby now!!!
Here are some current photos (many more coming):
 APRIL 26, 2010
Our little cinnamon gal...she's a looker :)


Fly baby, Fly!!

  The left one is a normal green cheek, the second is a cinnamon and the next two are yellowsides from two different clutches.
She is gonna be quite a stunning gal!


They are starting feather out now!!
April 9, 2010

Our clutch from "Crayola and Riot"
This is their very first clutch...and we got quite a surprise. It turns out Daddy (Riot) is yellowside split to cinnamon, so the 2nd baby from the left and the one in front on the right are pineapple females!
 (Crayola was one of my first super red babies and Riot was from one of my very first clutches...how fun it is to see another generation!)

Our new clutch from "Jeannie and Denim"
We know for sure that three of these little ones are male Green Cheek Conures that are split to yellowside and possibly cinnamon as well. The fourth is an unsexed yet yellowside and we are not quite sure what are last little one is just yet. 


Awwww...our three male green cheek conures..arent they loving :)


We will keep you posted on the progress of current clutches coming up! Please email for availability.
Follow this link to read about Roscoe...our baby African Grey!


A pineapple baby (l) and a really nice yellowside male (r) that we are handfeeding. Apr. 20, 09


Some of the Pineappples (From Feathered Imps Aviary), a Crimson Bellied female and a hiding yellowsided male that we are currently handfeeding. All of these babies have been sold.

More Pineapple babies! Apr. 20, 2009

One of our little yellowsided males! April 20, 2009


Have you ever seen anything sweeter than a 7 day old baby?


One of the babies being fed by my daughter!


We have a new video of our 2008 birds and babies for your enjoyment. Click on the following link and it will take you to the website of VPASQ4U...a professional video maker!! Once you enter the site, click on videos on the bottom left and then the third thumbnail in the bottom center. Enjoy the show and the super catchy song..."Aint no one here but us Chickens!!" Enjoy the site as well...some beautiful photos!



Here is a whole clutch of yellowsideds from our pair Belina and Kayden! These were taken Feb. 6, 2009

They are male, female, male, female and female. This whole clutch is now sold!

The second one ... her feathers are almost all in...she will have some more red on her when she finally has them all!

This clutch is all sold now!
The middle bird has returned to us as part of our flock!! She was sold as a breeder and the buyer could no longer keep her and her mate. So she has returned to us and has had several clutches for us! (We proved her). This is Crayola!


One of our past babies showing her wings after a flight!

And her backside!


One of our Rosifron Girls!!!


Here is one of our past male yellowsided babies...look at the red in this boy!!!



 Here is our fiery shoulder girl!


Our first clutch of rosifron babies


 "Who's that other bird in that shiny thing starring at me???"-Cinnamon female-Jan 3, 09


"AH HA.... Im big enough to see over the edge now!!! Ooh ooh ooh...there's coca-cola over there...wonder if mommy will let me have some?" - Dec. 31, 08 (Rosifron)

"Shhh...let me see if the coast is clear...."

"Okay boys and girls...follow the leader!! The Coke is just around the bend!" (the 4 oldest rosifrons)


This should be an exciting year for us as we have several pairs of conures that should begin to produce for us this year!

These include our triple split male/cinnamon female split for blue, and our normal green cheek with cinnamon female. We will keep you posted!

We have several rare species of conures that we are endevouring to increase the numbers available here in Canada. The same is occuring in the UK. Here is a very good website that further explains this from one breeder in the UK's perspective and a bit on each of these beautiful and minimally numbered species of conures:


**Note...the rose-crowned conures the website refers to are NOT the Rose-fronted (Rosifron) conures we breed, which are still a very rare breed. Rose-crowned conures are becoming more accessible here in canada now, while breeders are still working on the Rose-Fronted Conures (Rosifron)**

Check back often to see how all of our pairs are doing and if you have a particular species you are interested in, please let me know so that I can place you on a waiting list. I have had several requests so far for a few different species so I have begun the lists! :)

 Our very first rosifron baby!



Here is every breeders dream testimonial:

Hi Marianne,

"The vet visit went very well. Luna is a perfectly healthy bird and well adjusted. The Vet said that you really raised a very good and well adjusted bird. She was very impressed.
Yesterday we introduced her to my 3 year old and they hit it off. Right now my son is bit scared of her, but it will pass. We really enjoy having her home with us."
Lenny...Dec. 9, 2008


Luna is a yellowsided female that went home with this family just the day before her visit to the vet! Thanks Lotta family for giving my baby such a wonderful home and for sharing your vets kind words with me!!!  


Another wonderful reference!:

"Hi Marianne,


I just wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate all that you did for me. The pair of greencheeks I got from you are just gorgeous!!! The female has an amazing extra amount of red! Both are extremely friendly and in just wonderful condition. I am sooo impressed.


I would also like to thank you for going the extra extra mile for me by picking up the two single greencheeks that I bought from your friends (I know you traveled quite a distance to get them for me) and pairing them together for me as well as picking up the 3rd pair from Angie. That was definitely above and beyond what you needed to do. Thank you for answering my many questions. The greencheeks are doing wonderfully and I am so very pleased with them!


Greencheeks are just  wonderful, daring, curious, active, energetic, beautiful and a whole lot of fun packed in too one little bird!!! Other than cockatiels I think that my future lies in breeding these wonderful birds!!!


You will most definitely be getting more of my business in the future!! Thank you so much!!


Sincerely and with Big Hugs,






We are pleased to welcome a beautiful pair of gold capped conures and a beautiful pair of Jenday conures to our aviary. We no longer have the suns. Stay tuned for updates :D


Looking for babies and breeders now??


 I have very reputable and awesome breeder friends who have some amazing babies and breeding pairs available NOW! Please see my babies for sale and breeders for sale pages for more info!!


  PHOTOS BELOW WERE TAKEN ON NOV 5, 2008 OF SOME OF THE BABIES FROM OUR LAST TWO CLUTCHES! All of these babies have been sold now! 


MUM...I have an itch!!

Look at me...Im a monkey! 




Here is the last female from the last clutch of pure yellowsideds, which I have kept for future breeding! Isnt she a doll?? She has since been paired up with a beautiful cinnamon male...we look forward to their future babies!!


In this one you can really see some of her red...


 For those of you who have followed my website...you will remember that this time last year we welcomed Poppy into the world and paired her up with Tony, a really red male from Angie Michael (Angie's Imps). Well, they laid their first clutch of five eggs, but it was infertile, as to be expected. But that is not a deterrent as the next one is sure to be a good one! We will keep you posted!


  If you are looking for young, unrelated pairs, please contact me as I can make a pair for you along with my good friend Angie's babies (from Angie's Imp's...check out her page on my friends link)


 Also...Angie's Imps has many different conure babies available for new homes. They are either ready to go now or soon will be! Contact me or visit her web page to see what is available!!!


Join our Group on BirdPulse!





If there is a breed you are interested in that I dont have, feel free to visit my friends pages or ask. I'll be glad to try and help you!


 If you find a link that does not work or is missing, please let me know!


Okay toy...prepare to be attacked !! 

(one of our past yellow-sided babies)


Check back often as my site changes on a daily basis!!! 


And PLEASE...sign my guestbook by clicking on the "Sign My Guestbook" link below to let me know you were here!! I would love to know what everyone thinks of my pages. I will also answer any questions you may have or do my best to get the answers if I dont have them!

Im always open to suggestions!!



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