Bird Breeders and Other Bird Related Site Link!

These are breeders and bird related sites that we support 100%. They are reputable and experienced and I strongly urge people to use their services. This is the only way that good businesses thrive, through word of mouth :D
A hobbiest breeder, and super dear friend/partner of mine, who breeds green cheek conures and color mutations, sun conures, jenday conures, gold-capped conures, peach fronted conures, parrotlets and hopefully soon hahn's macaws. Angie's Aviary is completely tested for the four major diseases.
A super home based business located in Vancouver and owned by a super lady who has been an owner, breeder and now store owner...geared for the very best for our feather friends!
Exotic Wings & Pet Things...
Located in St. Clements, Ontario, Mark and Lisa Koenig have everything you need from birds to supplies. Visit their online store front.
A reputable and one of the largest dna testing companies in Canada. Located in Toronto, ON, Healthgene offers a wide array of avian testing services, including nowa DNA relations profile.
For those of you who I may have had listed on my page previously, who are no longer listed, please send me an email so that I may relist you. With the loss of my information from google when they moved our pages, its hard for me to remember who I had on it.