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A Bit About Me

Hello All...

For those who dont know me, my name is Marianne Waldman and I am located in Whitby, ON.

I have over 10 years experience dealing with parrots ranging in size from parrotlet to greenwing macaws. For many years we took in rescues and nursed them back to health and allowed them to live out their days in a home of love and happiness.

We are not a breeding facility! We have a small amount of pairs that we breed and when they have babies available, we raise them in the most loving conditions so that others may enjoy the same satisfying relationship with their new baby that we have always enjoyed with ours.

I have an extensive educational background including diplomas with highest honors in Animals Sciences, Veterinarian Assistant, Veterinarian Technician, Avian Specialist through PIJAC and a very intense course administered through Cornell University in the United States on Ornithology. I have also had a great deal of experience through working with my Avian veterinarian.

Parrots are my love and my passion and any birds that leave our home will be taught the same. I strive to make sure that my babies will make the greatest addition to any new home!




Cornell University - Lab or Ornithology -

               Comprehensive Course on Bird Biology

Diploma for Animal Sciences (With Highest Honors)

Diploma as Veterinary Technician (With Highest Honors)

Member of the International conure Association

Member of the Pyrrhura Breeders Association

Member of Avicultcural Advancement Council of Canada

         - Editor of The Journal for AACC

Member of American Federation of Aviculture

          -Currently an AFA Certified Aviculturist, Level I (2008)

PIJAC Certification for Avian Companion Specialist

Several years working under the observation of an Avian Veterinarian

Owner of parrots for more than 10 years (owned/trained multiple species from parrotlets to cockatoos (goffins, citron crested, umbrella and moluccan), greys (congos and timnehs),conures (green cheeked, yellowsided, sun, dusky headed and rose fronted), green winged, B & G, yellow collared and hahns macaws, senegals, meyers, and blue fronted and tucamon amazons)

Successful breeder of parrotlets and conures, new breeder of macaws